Trustlook Brings Mobile Security Inside the Phone

Leading Mobile Device Security Company Creates First Ever Behavioral-Based Malware Detection Engine at the Operating System Level

SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - August 01, 2016) - Trustlook Inc., an innovator in next-generation mobile device security solutions, today announced a new, patent-pending approach to detecting and preventing malware on mobile devices. This new approach detects suspicious behavior at the ROM, or operating system level of a mobile device.

Mobile device security today is typically provided by downloadable antivirus apps. With this new solution, named Trustlook Sentinel™, an additional layer of protection is built directly into the mobile device, becoming part of the operating system. By making security integral to the device, Trustlook minimizes the vulnerability window. Applications, and their behaviors, are continuously monitored as they are used on the device, enabling unwanted behavior to be detected and blocked as it is being attempted.

"The fact that malware continues to infect mobile devices makes a compelling case for why the current approach to security needs some changes," says Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "By making security integral to the device, as Trustlook's Sentinel does, users get better protection automatically and continuously. It's a welcomed change that I hope all device manufacturers will seriously consider."

As a new layer of security, Sentinel builds on the existing protection afforded by the Trustlook Mobile Security app backed by Trustlook's Mobile Security-as-a-Service (MSaaS) cloud, which is used to inspect apps as they are downloaded and installed. The Trustlook MSaaS cloud daily inspects some 30,000 apps and has a database containing over 7 million known threats. Sentinel provides an additional layer of protection that further closes the vulnerability window by detecting zero-day threats and "sleeper" malware that lays dormant while running in the cloud's sandbox to escape detection.

Trustlook Sentinel performs observation and analysis on the device continuously and in real-time, so it provides always-on monitoring of application behavior. Its machine learning algorithm can detect and protect against zero-day malware threats by identifying abnormal behaviors in applications. Sentinel currently checks for thousands of combinations of abnormal behaviors performed by mobile device malware.

"Sentinel represents the next evolution in mobile device security," said Allan Zhang, founder and CEO at Trustlook. "Tightly integrating security through an on-device, behavioral-based model makes detection much faster and more effective, and ultimately affords better protection against malware and other threats."

Select mobile device makers have already started working with Trustlook to utilize Sentinel's capabilities in future models of their commercial mobile devices. The technology is expected to be available in consumer devices in Q3 of 2016. "The demand is there from device makers because they know this will ultimately improve the experience of their users," said Zhang. "It's a win-win situation for everyone."

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Trustlook ( is a global leader in next-generation mobile device security with solutions that find more vulnerabilities sooner than any other to provide the industry's smallest vulnerability window. The innovative Trustlook Mobile Security-as-a-Service (MSaaS) cloud platform and Sentinel on-device platform deliver the performance and scalability needed to provide total threat protection against viruses, spyware, phishing, ID theft, data loss, snooping and other forms of attack. Trustlook's solutions protect users from both known and zero-day threats by examining over 20,000 new and updated applications every day for malware and malicious behavior. Founded in 2013, the company is headquartered in San Jose and managed by leading security experts from Palo Alto Networks, FireEye, Google and Yahoo.

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