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ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It’s hardly breaking news that news and media are changing rapidly.  Between the ubiquity of the Internet and cable news’s 24 hour cycles, viewers now have access to a wide variety of content just about any time it is desired. And the way viewers get their news and content continues to evolve.

Enter online cloud television networks into the new equation and to the list of verticals that media holding company InCapta (OTC Pink:INCT) is penetrating. With management committed to a strategy to develop and monetize cloud based online television networks their own digital footprint is growing. Recently, the Company added The Basketball Channel to a roster of properties and relationships that already included conservative programmer Leading Edge Radio and recreational drone World Drone Recreational Aviators (WDRA).

InCapta’s calculated foray into cloud based television is plausible, especially given industry trends that show a consumer migration to streaming T.V. According to an article in leading tech publication WIRED, “…streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon… have lured TV watchers away from ad-based programming.”

The WIRED report goes on to note that “PricewaterhouseCoopers lumps these services into a category called home video revenue, which is growing quickly in the United States: it’s expected to jump nearly 15 percent annually for the next five years to hit $16.5 billion by 2019, adding a portion of this growth is coming at the expense of the (traditional) TV advertising market. People will soon spend more to stream TV show and films than they do to go to the movies,” (source: http://bit.ly/2dueQew)

It’s a bright outlook for those pursuing market opportunities for cloud based television as the Netflix and Amazon tide lifts other ships, breaking down technological walls and broadening expectations for how content is received.

And with a business model intent on pursuing this opportunity, InCapta is sending out a signal that it wants to a player in the space. Appropriately, it’s doing so via the ever expanding Internet and following in the footsteps of other media processors that once relied on signal towers and the like.

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About InCapta:

InCapta, Inc. a Nevada corporation (the “Company”), traded under OTC Pink: INCT, formerly known as TBC Global News Network, Inc. is a media holding company which works with clients to develop, operate and market Online Cloud Television Networks and other entertainment projects.

The Company participates in various fields of online business models by providing executive-level managerial assistance as well as arranging for clients online presence through social media.

Currently, the Company operates three online Cloud Television networks.

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