LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) - On Monday, September 19, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLF) hosted the Students for Sensible Drug Policy's Sensible Soirée. It was an effort to support Students for Sensible Drug Policy's (SSDP) movement to provide meaningful resources to Nevada's youth. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to influence the political process and advocate for more sensible drug policies in order to achieve a safer and more just future. SSDP fights to untangle dangerous and counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.

The Sensible Soirée was hosted by Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLF) and was alive with activist spirit and dedication to the cause. The fundraising event was attended by Nevada Senator Richard S. "Tick" Segerblom (D), Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Nevada Spokesperson Joe Brezny and Campaign Manager Scott Rutledge, Nevada District Court Judge Candidate and Attorney Bruce L. Gale, and other key industry leaders including representatives from Electrum Partners and Digipath Testing Laboratory. The substantial contributions made to SSDP in support of their growing Nevada student network will empower further student activism within the state. Contributions to SSDP can be made at

"Eighteen years ago some students called themselves the DARE Generation because they had lived all their lives inundated in Drug War propaganda. They rejected the decades of lies that had deceived their parents and founded SSDP. And now SSDP members are ready to end marijuana prohibition. Freedom Leaf, The Marijuana Legalization Company™, is happy to support them and we urge others to follow suit," stated Clifford J. Perry, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Freedom Leaf, Inc. (OTC PINK: FRLF)

 Betty Aldworth, Executive Director of SSDP, who spoke at the event, said, "Students for Sensible Drug Policy's thousands of student members are committed to ending cannabis prohibition and the tentacled, destructive drug war. We provide a foundation from which students use our resources to become effective community organizers, educators, change-makers, and leaders. In Nevada, our fastest-growing state, our students will turn out thousands of young voters this year and build a foundation for sustainable, sensible drug policy in the future." Ms. Aldworth joined the SSDP team in 2014 and has lead the organization through unprecedented growth.

Among many other harm-reduction measures, SSDP advocates for the expansion of "Good Samaritan" (also known as Medical Amnesty) policies. SSDP also advocates for life-saving measures which enable people to make responsible decisions by shielding them from punishment when they call for medical help during an emergency relating to alcohol or other drugs. The threat of punitive policies can often cause hesitation during confusing and stressful party situations. The existence of a Call 911 Good Samaritan Policy is essential to ensure critical moments aren't wasted over deliberation about whether or not to call for help.

"We encourage honest conversation about the realities of the drug war. We promote youth civic engagement as a critical tool in reforming drug policy. SSDP respects the diverse experiences and identities of our constituents. We develop leaders who advocate for policy changes based on justice, liberty, compassion and reason," stated Ms. Aldworth.

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