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TerraTherm, Inc. and ESMI Companies Partner to Introduce a New On-Site Thermal Remediation Technology

GARDNER, MA--(Marketwired - September 28, 2016) - TerraTherm, Inc. and ESMI Companies are excited to announce the introduction of an innovative remediation technology, capable of treating material with a broad variety of organic contaminants to exceptionally low concentrations for reuse on-site, all without the need for off-site transportation prior to treatment and/or disposal at a hazardous-waste landfill. The Heated-Box is a patent protected, ex situ (above ground), indirect thermal desorption technology that makes use of modular components that can be rapidly deployed, constructed and remotely operated. The HB1100 is the first iteration of the Heated-Box thermal remediation approach, and is designed for projects requiring treatment of modest volumes of contaminated material (less than 10,000 cubic yards). Each HB1100 unit is capable of treating approximately 100 cubic yards of soils and sediments in each treatment batch, and under protection of an additional patent, multiple HB1100 units can be deployed and operated simultaneously, using a single centralized treatment system. This ensures that larger volumes of contaminated material can be treated within a reasonable timeframe, and that the available resources on-site are being used most efficiently.

By adding this robust ex situ treatment solution, both TerraTherm and ESMI expand on the breadth of on-site treatment solutions available to the market, while simultaneously creating an efficient and innovative alternative to off-site transportation and disposal of contaminated material.

John Bierschenk, Co-Founder and President of TerraTherm, announced, "TerraTherm is pleased to introduce our newest thermal remediation technology and partnership with ESMI. Together our firms offer clients a turnkey alternative solution for on-site treatment of hazardous waste. Our alternative approach to digging and hauling of hazardous waste is ideal for clients pursuing the EPA's green and sustainable remediation framework."

TerraTherm and ESMI partnered in 2014 to leverage both companies' experience with implementation of thermal remediation technologies in developing this on-site solution and introduce it to market. The vision was to provide a solution for current and future clients that would provide a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional disposal and treatment methods. TerraTherm brings to the partnership the two patents, along with 16 years of experience utilizing thermal conductive heating for in situ thermal remediation. ESMI and their 25+ years of ex situ thermal desorption and material management experience focuses on the design of the HB1100 along with the logistical process for managing the material, including loading and unloading.

Bob Manz, President of ESMI, stated that, "ESMI is proud to be a strategic partner with TerraTherm on this advanced and cost-effective thermal remediation technology. Our partnership is an important step forward in the expansion of services and solutions that our companies offer to the market."

About TerraTherm:

TerraTherm, Inc., a subsidiary of Cascade Environmental, is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of in situ and on‐site thermal remediation of organic contaminants. TerraTherm designs, builds and operates projects from concept to closure, using Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH), Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE), Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH), and combinations of the technologies above. Cascade Environmental is the leading provider of environmental drilling, high resolution site characterization, and in situ remediation applications in the United States. Our vision is to integrate technology, safety, sustainability and human potential to tackle the challenging environmental and geotechnical issues facing our clients. With offices nationwide and international sub licensees they implement thermal remediation services worldwide. For more information, visit

About ESMI Companies:

ESMI Companies is an industry leader, with more than 25 years of experience, in the use of thermal desorption technology for the remediation, recycling, and beneficial reuse of contaminated and uncontaminated soil, stone, dredge, mine tailings, paper mill sludge, and much more. In addition, ESMI provides onsite treatment solutions, transportation and roll-off services, beneficial reuse and fill material, material drying and amendment, and other material management solutions. For more information on ESMI and the breadth of services and solutions offered, visit

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