Spirax Sarco celebrates 3 years without a lost-time accident

A remarkable safety milestone was reached


BLYTHEWOOD, S.C., Oct. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Spirax Sarco, the leader in products and services for steam system management, recently reached a remarkable safety milestone – 1.86 million man-hours, or 3 years without a lost-time accident, which means 288 employees did not miss work due to an injury suffered on the job.

"We are proud of everyone's contribution to this important safety achievement. We take time to educate our employees on what we do and how we do it so that everyone is safe and they leave the same way they come to work," said Kris Brown, Safety Environmental & Training Supervisor for Spirax Sarco.

This significant accomplishment was celebrated on October 6th at the Doko Manor located in Blythewood, South Carolina. The event was attended by Spirax Sarco employees who ate a catered lunch while listening to the President, Lorrain Wiseman congratulate them on their achievement. To mark the event, prizes were given out to employees who answered various safety questions.

When asked why did Spirax Sarco celebrated this event, Kris replied, "Each one of our employees have a role to play when it comes to safety. If something happens, not only does their family suffer but our customers do as well. Spirax Sarco wanted to take a moment to thank our employees because it takes a team effort to be where we are today – 1,161 days without a lost time accident."

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