Snaplytics Makes Snapchat Analytics Automatic, Easy and Intelligible for Brands and Agencies, Launches out of Beta Today

Snaplytics platform serves marketers from range of customers including Ben & Jerry's, Marriott, Vodafone and others which are building native channels on Snapchat

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK--(Marketwired - Oct 26, 2016) - As one of the fastest growing social platforms, Snapchat is an exciting and influential outlet for brands and agencies. But getting the data required to understand the reach and the success of any native Snapchat story is tedious and complex since the content disappears in 24 hours. To address this problem and provide actionable Snapchat data, today Snaplytics, a SaaS company offering Snapchat marketing insights to brands, agencies, and online influencers, is launching out of beta. After only one year, Snaplytics is already delivering Snapchat story campaign information to such top brands as Ben & Jerry's, Vodafone and the City of Las Vegas, with close to 200 other major brands and agencies in 30 countries making up its monthly subscriber base.

Snaplytics over the last twelve months has provided insights to subscribers eager to understand and assess how to best promote their brands using the unique disappearing stories that make Snapchat so appealing. With proprietary technology that does not require any public APIs, Snaplytics provides a dashboard showing open rates, what screengrabs are taken, how many followers a campaign has and how followers started following the account so marketers can determine how to spend resources and measure campaign success.

"We understand that Snapchat is a very difficult platform to quantify because everything disappears after 24 hours and if you are not paying careful attention and grab a screenshot of the stats as they close, but just before the 24 hours expire, you lose it," said Thomas Cilius, CEO and founder, Snaplytics. "Many brands and agencies have marketers very excited to use Snapchat effectively and our solution completely automates the process and is scalable, giving insights that are easy to interpret and delivering data a marketer needs to create better and more engaging content."

One key way to measure the success of any social campaign is to evaluate it against a benchmark of similar companies' efforts. Snaplytics, with a growing number of brands and agencies now on its platform, has accumulated a large amount of data on performance so customers gain additional insights into how to evaluate their own programs.

"The dashboard shows us easy-to-understand data analytics without any of the tedious manual efforts we had to go through before -- at precisely 23 hours and 59 minutes after we posted a story. This saves us time and gives us valuable insights into the effectiveness of our Snapchat stories from a range of different metrics," said Brodie O'Brien, Ben & Jerry's Assistant Marketing Manager – US.

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Snaplytics is a SaaS company focusing exclusively on providing Snapchat analytics for brands, agencies and influencers. Snaplytics analyzes usage statistics, including views, average number of screenshots per story, and average story duration, and provides industry benchmarks to help marketers determine if they are creating compelling campaigns and reaching their target audiences. For more information, visit

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