Cloud Logistics Continues Torrid Pace by Reporting Record Growth, Revenue and Innovation in 2016

West Palm Beach, Fla., Jan. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud Logistics, the provider of one of the most innovative Transportation Management Systems (TMS) in the supply chain software industry, enters 2017 with tremendous market momentum after completing an historic 2016.  The company saw success on all fronts in 2016: revenue, new customers, product innovation, and strategic partnerships. 

The surest measure of progress is customer adoption and success.  This past year was highlighted by network volume that was nearly 2.5x that of 2015.  Monthly recurring software revenues grew by an even faster rate.  Customers selecting Cloud Logistics as their strategic TMS provider are well represented across industries.  New clients this year include companies from aerospace, agriculture, industrial manufacturing, retail, wholesale distribution as well as third party logistics providers, and freight brokers. 

One of the major appeals of the solution is easy adoption by carriers and 3PLs using the Carrier Portal.  One Senior Logistics Account Executive for a major 3PL commented, “It is the easiest to use of any carrier portal I've seen.  I can train colleagues to use the system in less than 30 minutes.”  Another customer service agent for a different 3PL proclaimed, “This is the best (TMS) I’ve ever worked with.” 

One of the major drivers of customer adoption is product innovation.  Clients regularly praise the frequent and seamless upgrades of the solution and 2016 was no exception.  Over the course of the year, the award-winning TMS saw five new releases.  Notable highlights and new features include: 

  • Carrier Assignment Optimization - an easy-to-use tool that takes a holistic view of large shipment batches to find the “optimal” combination of carriers and shipments when a wide variety of choices exist but capacity constraints and contractual commitments have to be accounted for.
  • Manual Planning - an elegant, map-based feature that allows for “drag and drop” consolidation and de-consolidation of loads.
  • Carrier Profiles - the TMS can provide users with the carrier profiles (including safety ratings) and inspection data maintained by the US Department of Transportation.
  • Mass Action button - this new feature greatly improves process automation by enabling user to perform a wide array of actions on multiple loads simultaneously.
  • Vendor Portal - a variety of improvements include allowing domestic and international suppliers to re-direct shipments, upload CSV files for complex purchase orders and integration with global freight forwarders.
  • A brand new, comprehensive series of user guides that make the industry’s most intuitive TMS even more user-friendly. 

During the year, Cloud Logistics announced several new partnerships to help expand our offerings to our customers as well as support geographic expansion.  Inolog is the new representative for Cloud Logistics’ TMS in the United Kingdom and other regions within Europe.  project44 is the leading enterprise cloud provider of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), designed to help customers achieve Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) savings faster, easier and less expensively than traditional EDI-based integration methods.  Cloud Logistics also partnered and integrated with Breakthrough Fuel, the industry’s first supply chain fuel management company, to better manage fuel consumption, achieve fuel cost savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Finally, Cloud Logistics entered a strategic partnership with Konexial, focused on the next generation of load-matching across a broad logistics network.  More details about this offering will be revealed over the course of 2017. 

Another new relationship announced in 2016 was Cloud Logistics’ partnership with the University of Tennessee and the Haslam College of Business.  As part of a 10-year commitment, Cloud Logistics donated their TMS to the school for its use by both undergraduate and graduate students studying supply chain technology.  Randy Bradley, Professor in the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management said “To be able to enhance our students’ supply chain knowledge with tangible technical skills that result from hands-on experience with a leading supply chain technology solution like Cloud Logistics will make our students even more valuable in the marketplace as they will be ready to make an impact with their future employers on their first day on the job.” 

“The best part about 2016 is that it is only the beginning,” said Mark Nix, founder and CEO of Cloud Logistics.  “There is tremendous demand from companies big and small for a TMS that is easy-to-use and can be implemented in a matter of days.   Our pipelines of new business and of new ideas are as full as they have ever been.  Our growth and our innovation have only just begun and 2017 promises to be even better than our record 2016.  Doubling our software subscription revenue once again is a very realistic goal.” 

About Cloud Logistics
Cloud Logistics provides the newest generation of transportation logistics solutions for the global supply chain market. Our solutions make the complexities of order collaboration, communication and international transportation management simple and beneficial for companies of any size.  The offering includes a patent pending configurable workflow architecture, a unique user experience, customizable alerts, dynamic dashboard widgets, and ad-hoc reporting all delivered in a cloud-based network. Social technology for business allows each person involved with an order or shipment the ability to attach documents, claims photos, and Proof of Delivery (POD) signatures within a private secure community. More information about Cloud Logistics can be found at