Renewable Industries Canada Announces Changes to its Structure and Leadership Team

Aylmer, Ontario, CANADA

OTTAWA, ON--(Marketwired - January 11, 2017) - After five years of dedicated work at Renewable Industries Canada (RICanada), Andrea Kent will be leaving her role as President at the end of the month. Ms. Kent will join one of our Association's founding members, GreenField Specialty Alcohols, as its Vice-President of Government Relations and Communications. Concurrently, we are pleased to announce that Ms. Kent will become a member of RICanada's Board of Directors.

In this context, members of RICanada's Board have decided to take a more active role in the work of the Association with relevant stakeholders, including government. Our experienced Board, comprised of members who lead biofuels companies across the country, was instrumental in designing the first generation of successful renewable fuels policies in Canada. RICanada's Board has made this decision with the aim to share their sectoral expertise at a critical moment when governments across the country grapple with the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the transportation sector.

This new structure and approach will ensure RICanada is well-positioned to represent the industry at a time when Canada's renewable fuels producers are building domestic production capacity and playing an even greater role in helping Canada meet its ambitious GHG emission reduction targets. To that end, RICanada will continue to work in collaboration with governments with the goal of increasing the required volumes of renewable fuels in gasoline and diesel (currently 5% ethanol in gasoline and 2% biodiesel in diesel). Increasing ethanol content to as much as 10%, and biodiesel to 5%, would bring the total amount of GHG emission reductions from these renewable fuels to almost nine megatonnes per annum -- the equivalent of removing two million cars from Canada's roads each year.

"On the behalf of RICanada, I would like to thank Andrea Kent for her contributions to the Association, and welcome her as a part of our Board of Directors. RICanada's Board is eager to be a hands-on participant in our Association's collaboration with stakeholders and governments. This transition will ensure continuity in our work, at a time when RICanada looks forward to advancing our industry's contribution to the Canadian economy, and the improvement of our environment." - Jim Grey, Chair, RICanada.

About RICanada
RICanada is the principal stakeholder representing Canadian producers of clean-burning renewable fuels like ethanol, biodiesel, and renewable diesel. This is an industry that currently generates more than $3.5 billion in economic benefits per year while making significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

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