Bureau Veritas acquires SIEMIC,
a specialist in electronic equipment in Silicon Valley and Asia


Wendel welcomes the acquisition by Bureau Veritas of SIEMIC, Inc., an American testing and certification body for electrical and electronic equipment active in the Silicon Valley and in Asia.


Established in 2003, SIEMIC provides market access services for electrical and electronic products in the telecoms, consumer, automotive and medical sectors and works with global manufacturers, including many of the world's leading brands. SIEMIC provides a comprehensive range of testing, certification and international approvals management services. Its headquarters and main operation are located in Milpitas, Silicon Valley, USA; however, it also benefits from testing facilities in both California and China and branch offices in Taiwan.


As a leading Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB), SIEMIC issues thousands of certifications per year to attest compliance with Federal Communications Commission regulations in the USA for wireless and telecommunications equipment. It employs nearly 100 people and generated estimated revenue of EUR 9.5 million in 2016.


Following this acquisition, Bureau Veritas now has 5,800 employees in the United States and Canada.


This transaction will contribute positively to Bureau Veritas long-term value creation. Wendel is the controlling shareholder of Bureau Veritas with 41.2%[1] of its capital. Since Wendel's first investment in Bureau Veritas in 1994, the company has made more than 150 acquisitions.


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