Threshold Announces New Digital Reporting Dashboard -- ThreshBoard

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Jan 25, 2017) - Keeping track of apartment marketing campaigns used to be like packing for a vacation in the '90s -- when you had to pack way too many different gadgets before boarding your plane -- but now Threshold Agency is changing that with ThreshBoard, its new industry-leading dashboard to track digital marketing campaign performance.

ThreshBoard consolidates digital marketing metrics from a variety of sources, allowing Threshold clients to see their campaign performances in real time and to compare the results to industry benchmarks. In the past, clients had to skim across several sets of data in order to understand how their digital marketing campaigns were performing.

ThreshBoard uses millions of data points to compile these industry benchmarks, which can then be paired with campaign-specific statistics to improve and monitor clients' digital marketing performance month over month. Cutting down the time it takes to manage digital marketing increases the time Threshold clients have to focus on filling vacancies and taking care of current residents. ThreshBoard's responsive design also allows marketing managers to track their campaign success while on the go.

"We continually strive to provide better services and tools for our clients," said John Wilkinson, chief strategy officer of Threshold, a full-service marketing agency specializing in solutions for the residential industry. "We discovered that there isn't one good industry-specific solution that allows clients to monitor all of their digital marketing campaigns under one umbrella. The investment in this solution will not only provide better information/data for our clients, but it will also help us respond to strategy changes more quickly."

Residential industry experts created ThreshBoard for clients who need multifamily and student housing marketing. ThreshBoard is the newest addition to Threshold Agency's digital marketing suite of services, all of which can be used to drive leases and ultimately, fill vacancies.

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Threshold Agency "The Anti-Vacancy Agency®" is a revenue-boosting partner providing end-to-end solutions that generate occupancy for our clients. We serve over 40 clients with global properties ranging from student housing, senior housing, multifamily, commercial, resorts and hotels, and the vendors that serve them. Our broad, innovative sales and marketing solutions include design and branding, websites, digital marketing, printing, and promotional products. Threshold is one of the fastest growing agencies headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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