Sizmek Unveils Data Hub to Streamline Audience-Based Creative Executions

Austin, Texas, UNITED STATES

Ad buyers can now centralize and activate their audience data to build segments and target ads from Sizmek’s platform

Offering is newest addition to Sizmek Programmatic Creative solution

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sizmek, the open ad management company for multiscreen ad experiences, today launched Data Hub, a data-centralizing ecosystem that enables advertisers to pull in audience segments from integrated Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and enrich them with data collected from served ads. Advertisers can use those segments to inform creative targeting decisions on Sizmek’s platform or activate segments on integrated Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) for audience buying.

“Our customers are always looking for ways to make their data work harder in order to deliver high-performing campaigns,” said Emmanuel Brunet, CEO of Eulerian Technologies. “By integrating with Sizmek’s Data Hub, we’re enabling our clients to get more out of their data since they can effectively recycle insights from their campaigns.”

While the widespread availability of DMP data across programmatic buying platforms makes it easy to buy media placements based on audience, the current landscape makes it difficult to have equally sophisticated targeting at the creative level, particularly when combining multiple data sources. Sizmek Data Hub gives customers access to those same data sets in the ad server, centralizing them so that marketers can employ proper media buying and dynamic creative targeting strategies at the version level. Furthermore, supplementing DMP data with data collected from ad serving activity adds an additional layer of granularity, where user behavior such as viewability, video completion, and clicks can feed into both buying and targeting decisions.

"Data-driven creative is of the utmost importance to our marketing strategy,” said Will Wilson, Vice President, Digital Marketing at TCAA. “The ability to bring our first-party data together with third-party data into an all-encompassing customized strategy has been tremendously helpful in personalizing the narrative of our advertising across hundreds of millions of impressions."

Data Hub is for global advertisers looking to use audience segments to make their creative strategy smarter. Historically advertisers that want to pull in audience segments from a DMP must go through a manual black box process, but through automation, Sizmek has increased speed and efficiency for marketers. For example, now a client can target a segment that has viewed a particular ad before with a different but sequentially-relevant ad in order to create a story and drive user engagement. This is just one feature in the Sizmek Programmatic Creative solution, which enables advertisers, publishers, ad networks, trading desks and media agencies to utilize best-in-class dynamic creative technology to take the guesswork out of complicated data strategies and enable fast deployment of personalized creative across all channels. In addition to using data within MDX, brands can deploy their first party segments to external platforms for media targeting.

“With adtech consolidating at a consistent and rapid clip, it is becoming increasingly important for brands to be able to house their data in a central location,” said Neil Nguyen, CEO at Sizmek. “With the addition of Data Hub to the Sizmek Programmatic Creative solution, and to our platform, ad buyers can easily leverage the valuable insights from all of their data to deliver consumers the ads they’ll find the most engaging, when and where it matters most.”

To discover everything you need to know about your first-party data, download the free introductory guide, "First-Party Data Primer: An Introduction to Improving Campaign Effectiveness” here.

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