Archive360 Launches Archive2Anywhere Digital Safe Edition

New Software Enables Users to Quickly and Accurately Migrate Email from Legacy Digital Safe Cloud Archiving Platform into Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and Others

Archive2Anywhere Extracts Messages and Attachments, Including Metadata, directly from Digital Safe and Ensures Full Legal Defensibility and Regulatory Compliance

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jan 31, 2017) - Archive360, the leading provider of email archive migration software, today announced from LegalTech 2017, Booth 2006, the launch of Archive2Anywhere™ Digital Safe Edition, enabling customers to quickly and accurately migrate email from their legacy Digital Safe platform into Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and others. Moreover, with the flexibility to choose from a multitude of targets, customers can now safely retrieve and migrate messages and attachments, including metadata, directly from Digital Safe in a regulatory compliant and fully defensible legal manner.

For years, a "roster of 20,000 global enterprise-software clients, including Shell, Nestle, Tesco, T-Mobile, Coca Cola, Lloyds Banking Group, FedEx, Boeing, GlaxoSmithKline, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup"* have relied upon HP's Autonomy Digital Safe cloud archiving solution. However, its newest change in ownership** is understandably, once again raising red flags regarding its future viability, product updates and its ability to support ongoing business needs, ongoing service support, etc. Consequently, many customers have made the proactive decision to migrate from the aging yet increasingly expensive Digital Safe archive to a more modern and cost effective alternative. However, once the choice to move to another platform is made and platform is chosen, the challenge remains how to move the data from the old platform to the new.

"Archive2Anywhere Digital Safe Edition was designed from the ground-up to seamlessly integrate with the Digital Safe API for fast, accurate and safe data extraction and migration. Moreover, it uniquely maintains an item-level audit trail for compliance reporting and preserves complete, original message fidelity for eDiscovery and regulatory audits," said Bill Tolson, Vice President of Marketing, Archive360. "Archive2Anywhere Digital Safe Edition puts the power back in the customer's hands -- many of whom felt 'stuck' in the Digital Safe archive, as until now, there wasn't a viable solution to free them."

Archive2Anywhere Digital Safe Edition Features and Benefits:

  • Utilizes a multi-threaded, multi-server platform - Provides the highest performance and accuracy of all migration solutions
  • Uses native Digital Safe APIs - Enables search and filtering of emails by custodian, date range and other criteria
  • Message level chain of custody reporting - Legally defensible reporting lowers eDiscovery risk and ensure strict SEC regulatory compliance
  • Does not require indexing or data gathering before extraction - Begin message extraction within minutes of installation unlike other solutions that take days or weeks to index before start
  • Intuitive and powerful graphical user interface - Less time needed for training -- faster time to migration

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About Archive360
Archive360™ is the market leader in email archive migration software, successfully migrating more than 20 petabytes of data for more than 600 organizations worldwide since 2012. The company's flagship product, Archive2Anywhere™, is the only solution in the market purpose-built to deliver consistently fast, trouble-free, predictable archive migrations, with verifiable data fidelity and defensible chain of custody reporting. Archive360's Archive2Azure™ solution is the industry's first regulatory compliance and grey data storage solution based on the Microsoft Azure platform. Archive360 is a global organization and delivers its solutions through a network of specialist partners. Archive360 is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider and the Archive2Azure solution is Microsoft Azure Certified. For further information, please visit:

* "Inside HP-Autonomy: Maybe HP's Not So Crazy After All" Forbes, August 24, 2011
** "HPE Spins Its Non-Core Software Assets for $8.8 Billion Into Merger with Micro Focus" Forbes, September 9, 2016

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