Regulatory history and reliable on-time delivery beat cost and capacity as the most important selection attributes for drug product CMOs

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CARY, NC--(Marketwired - February 08, 2017) - The 2nd edition of Industry Standard Research's (ISR's) Drug Product Contract Manufacturer Quality Benchmarking report reveals that buyers of outsourced drug product manufacturing services value a strong regulatory history and reliable on-time delivery more than low cost when selecting a CMO for drug product manufacturing. The report includes information on respondents' outsourcing philosophies and practices, CMO perceptions and interactions and CMO selection drivers before diving into a series of in-depth performance analyses specific to the drug product offerings of 70 contract manufacturing organizations. 302 respondents provide rating assessments on 673 service encounters.

"A strong regulatory track record topped the list of attributes as the most important factor influencing drug product CMO selection," said Kate Hammeke, Vice President, Market Research at Industry Standard Research. "Reliable on-time delivery placed second and a track record for meeting quality performance metrics came in third. Low cost had fewer than one-in-ten respondents mention it as the most important selection driver. We are hearing this more and more from service buyers. Cost is not necessarily becoming less important, but that multiple factors beyond project price impact overall costs and consequently those attributes outweigh 'low cost' as a selection criterion."

The report provides a Consumer Reports-style analysis where each of the 70 CMOs included in the research is evaluated across 27 service quality attributes, making this report the most comprehensive assessment of quality in the contract manufacturing space. These performance metrics are categorized into four 'scorecards': Delivery Factors, Organization Factors, Capabilities and Staff Characteristics. From these performance evaluations, respondents indicated how well the manufacturers performed with respect to expectations specific to their experience working with the manufacturer(s). For buyers of outsourced services, the report includes highly valuable information to help guide CMO selection for drug product manufacturing projects.

There are several stand-out CMOs this year: Pfizer CentreOne placed among the leaders across each of the four scorecards (Delivery, Organizational, Capabilities and Staff Characteristics) and Samsung BioLogics received top scores for its Organization Factors and Capabilities. Fareva received top marks for its Delivery Factors and among emerging market CMOs, Wuxi AppTec appeared among the leaders for its Organization Factors.

CMO performance attributes evaluated by respondents include Full range of manufacturing for the dosage forms we require, Reliable on-time delivery, Regulatory History, Quality performance metrics, Scale-up and tech transfer abilities, Scientific knowledge, Right-first-time measurements, and many others.

Data include an in-depth analysis of 20 of the 70 featured contract manufacturers, including AbbVie Contract Manufacturing, Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI), Almac, Baxter BioPharma Solutions, Boehringer Ingelheim, Capsugel, Catalent, Dr. Reddy's CPS, Evonik, Fareva, GSK Contract Manufacturing, Patheon, PCI Pharma Services, Pfizer CentreOne, Piramal Pharma Solutions, Samsung BioLogics, Sandoz, Sanofi CEPiA, Vetter and Wuxi AppTec.

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