CureGrail Launches Collaborative, System-Level Platform to Accelerate Drug Development & Cure Discovery

Company aims to find a cure for diabetes within a decade

Orlando, Florida, UNITED STATES

ORLANDO, Fla. , Feb. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following many years of informal collaboration and institutional data collection, a diverse group of clinical researchers, healthcare business professionals and technology experts have launched CureGrail to create an advanced platform for drug discovery, development, and testing. CureGrail is leveraging proven simulation technology, clinical and laboratory data sets and world-class medical expertise to “connect the dots” in curing disease.

CureGrail’s technology and collaborative partnerships will allow computer-based experimentation of human body systems and processes in health and disease. This approach enables pharmaceutical companies to use simulation to identify novel treatment approaches and targets, saving valuable time and resources.

The company’s initial area of focus is exploring cures for diabetes, a chronic, progressive disease characterized by elevated levels of blood glucose. More than 400 million adults live with diabetes globally, and the global antidiabetics market exceeds $5 billion.

“CureGrail’s business model will provide software and tools for the global research and commercial community,” said Steven Kirchof, CEO of CureGrail. “We will marry biology, mathematics and engineering with data, simulation and expert systems. We believe our model will radically accelerate cure discovery and enhance drug development to save and enrich lives.”

CureGrail was founded by KB Cure, LLC, a Florida-based entity, and is engaged in an initial capital raise. The company has offices in Orlando, Florida, and Cambridge, Massachusetts, and plans to launch its collaboration platform in early 2018. CureGrail is now signing agreements for public-private partnerships with nonprofit research organizations and universities, as well as onboarding staff.

Although diabetes is the primary focus of research, there are hundreds of diseases that can be targeted with the CureGrail open platform approach.

For more information about CureGrail, please visit Additional information will be provided as the company signs partnerships with universities, foundations and advocacy groups.