SCSK to launch next-generation VDI solutions, Workspot VDI 2.0

TOKYO, JAPAN--(Marketwired - Feb 23, 2017) - SCSK Corporation ( announced that it has completed the distributor agreement with Workspot, Inc. (, the leader in next-generation Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and will start selling Workspot's cloud-native, multi-tenant, and infinitely scalable VDI 2.0. DaaS 2.0 solution is planned to be released in 2017.

1. Background
Today the number of companies adopting VDI solutions to improve security, internal control, and BCP is ever increasing. In particular, financial institutions and manufacturing companies that deal with highly confidential information, such as personal data and/or design patents, are embracing VDI. However, there are many challenges that companies face when adopting traditional VDI solutions. Some of the most common problems include high costs and performance issues, due to the complicated architecture of traditional VDI solutions. On average it can take twelve months for large enterprises to fully implement VDI solutions, large sums of money spent on a proof of concept (POC) and hiring expensive engineers to set up the environment. One of the most common issues after implementation involves performance issues that are expensive and difficult to improve. SCSK will offer the Workspot VDI 2.0 solutions, which are based on simple and highly scalable architectures, differing from complex traditional VDI solutions.

2. Product Summary
Workspot VDI 2.0 is an all-in-one VDI solution, enabling IT to go from zero to client virtualization in 60 minutes. Workspot allows IT administrators to easily deploy thousands of virtual desktops in hours -- instead of weeks or months -- using Workspot's web-based management console on infrastructure that resides on premises and/or in the cloud. Workspot DaaS 2.0 reinvents traditional DaaS and delivers the benefits of running VDI workloads on any Microsoft Azure region in the world.

The secret behind Workspot's speed is its cloud-native control plane architecture. By separating the control and data planes, Workspot simplifies client virtualization deployments by replacing the complex mash that is the operational front end -- including load balancing, brokering, databases, web portal, and provisioning services -- with a cloud service. By eliminating those components, Workspot VDI deploys in 60 minutes, requiring only IT generalists, rather than expensive client virtualization specialists, and fewer IT resources overall.

Furthermore, the Workspot solution can work as a Mobile Desktop Management (MDM) platform which provides visibility into device usage, applies security policy on devices, and offers a remote wipe feature in case devices are lost.

About SCSK
SCSK provides a full lineup of services to support any area of IT solution required for businesses from system integration to IT infrastructure implementation, IT management, BPO (business process outsourcing), and IT hardware and software sales.

In addition, we take advantage of the capability to support a global IT system network for customers including Sumitomo Corporation, aiming for further leaps ahead as a global IT services company.

About Workspot
Workspot has reinvented Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with its cloud-native VDI 2.0 and Desktop-as-a-Service 2.0 (DaaS 2.0) solutions. With the ability to deploy thousands of virtual desktops in hours -- not weeks or months -- Workspot solves the corporate challenge of securely delivering apps, desktops and data to any device and helps organizations achieve unprecedented time-to-value for VDI implementations. A frictionless experience across mobile, Mac and PC platforms delights users with its elegance and simplicity. Based in Cupertino, California, Workspot was awarded the Best of VMworld 2016 Gold Award for Desktop and Application Delivery solutions. For more information, visit

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