The VisionCenter of West Texas Certified by the Dry Eye Center of Excellence

LUBBOCK, Texas, March 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The VisionCenter of West Texas has announced that they are a recipient of the Dry Eye Center of Excellence certification. This recognizes The VisionCenter as one of the authorized providers of the advanced dry eye systems produced by Bio-Tissue. They will begin offering Bio-Tissue based treatments on March 8, 2017. These treatments include PROKERA and Cliradex, both of which are innovative approaches to one of the most common eye problems in the United States.

PROKERA is unique because it is a medical implant that is left in place during the healing period. This alone sets it apart from the more typical treatment of ongoing eye drops. It is also different from other implant-based dry eye treatments because it is the only one FDA-approved to both treat inflammation and promote healing. Other implanted systems only do one or the other.

"The PROKERA system involves implanting a medical aid over the patient's injured cornea. This both reduces inflammation and promotes healing. Since dry eye can cause corneal scratches and other damage as well as irritation, the dual action is very important. Pain may be what brings a dry eye patient into the office, but corneal scarring is what harms vision over the long term. Therefore, it must be addressed for the full treatment," said Dr. Nolan C. Riley of The VisionCenter of West Texas.

Cliradex wipes are often prescribed along with PROKERA treatment. They are made to reduce the immediate symptoms of dry eye and other causes of eye irritation, such as an overabundance of Demodex mites, blepharitis, and others. These wipes aren't used in the eye, but instead, on the eyelids and face to eliminate irritants like bacteria that would otherwise make their way into the eye itself.

"Patients want immediate relief from their dry eye when they come into the office. Yet, while PROKERA lets true healing take place, but that requires some time. The Cliradex wipes both provide some instant improvement in comfort and help keep the eye area clean. Keeping the area clean with these special wipes improves results with PROKERA and other treatments. It also helps dry eye by reducing irritation better than typical facial cleansers," Dr. Karley Woodrich explained.

This new system will begin being offered at The VisionCenter of West Texas on March 8, 2017. These treatments will join the existing selection of dry eye treatments offered.

About The VisionCenter of West Texas

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