World’s First Fully-Integrated Digital Podium Cued for Big Debut

HoverCam Announces the HoverCam Pilot

San Diego, CA, March 16, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yesterday at the Computer Using Educators Conference (CUE) in Palm Springs, CA, HoverCam introduced their new real-time classroom recording software, KnoteSter. Today HoverCam encourages teachers nationwide to go digital with the debut of their HoverCam Pilot, the world’s first fully-integrated digital podium.

This revolutionary mobile podium combines the latest trends in classroom technology with HoverCam's streamlined note-taking software and features seamless connectivity to any interactive whiteboard.

The podium hasn't changed in centuries, it was time to re-imagine it for the digital world.”
Ji Shen, HoverCam CEO

The patent pending HoverCam Pilot podium allows for educators to teach facing the students and never break eye contact all while having the latest technology just a touch away.

The Pilot features include:

  • A 21-inch touch screen
  • Built-in high powered i5 or i7 processors
  • An attached 4K, 13-MegaPixel document camera
  • Wireless HDMI connectivity
  • A built-in iPad dock

With the ability to wirelessly connect to the HoverCam CenterStage flat panel or any interactive display, the HoverCam Pilot eliminates the outdated AV cart and frees the classroom from the hazard of dangling cords.

The HoverCam Pilot liberates the educator, maximizing classroom engagement.”
Ji Shen, HoverCam CEO

By giving teachers the ability to teach, present, annotate, and record while fully engaging their class, the HoverCam Pilot might be the most essential piece of educational technology every 21st century classroom needs.

The HoverCam Pilot is one of several products being unveiled at the 2017 CUE National Conference. Other products include the Solo 8Plus document camera, the HoverCam CenterStage interactive flat panel display, and the real-time classroom recording software, KnoteSter.

For more information regarding HoverCam or the company’s products, please visit www. or contact HoverCam marketing at (858) 750-3499 or

About HoverCam:

HoverCam (, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is an innovative technology leader in the education market.  Their streamlined operations produce market-changing products to keep learning environments engaging and interactive.  With integration in over 300,000 classrooms, HoverCam is focused on creating the digital classroom of the future.

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