ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 4, 2017) - World Housing Solution (WHS), manufacturer of expeditionary insulated composite structures for the U.S. Military, today announces new data to substantiate its energy-efficient structures over traditional soft-walled shelters.

The data compares a traditional 250-man soft-walled camp with WHS's rigid-walled solution. In addition to providing more energy efficient structures, WHS buildings dramatically reduce the dependence on the logistical supply chain or, when applicable, the local commercial grid, resulting in fewer resources needed to support the camp and less time soldiers are managing the supply chain.

According to an OEF Report, from 2001-2010, 55 percent of combat casualties were related to logistics and of those, 80 percent were related to transport. "WHS structures revolutionize how soldiers operate in the field by providing superior housing units and protected buildings to store computers and critical equipment. But the reduced time spent by soldiers outside the camp dramatically limits the risk of injuries and fatalities by minimizing the dependence on external resources," said Colonel Mike Sweeney, USMC (ret.).

WHS structures utilize LexTM3 Hybrid and Smart Power Systems, an integrated energy management tactical system that reduces generator fuel consumption through managing both power sources and loads. Below are a few benefits of comparing a WHS camp to its traditional soft-walled counterpart:

  • Stress reduction of the supply chain resulting in "less Tail and more Tooth" for the military
  • Massive cost savings: $27M - $49M in fuel savings over 15 years (standard fuel price range: $15/Gal - $20/Gal)
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Provides 48 percent of camp energy needs via Solar Array and reduces fuel consumption by 72 percent compared to soft-walled camps operating on generators in Sub-Saharan climate conditions
  • Increased safety: Allows for up to 8.7 hours of silent operations

"The military has spent millions of dollars on fuel costs over the past 20 years. This data is significant because it demonstrates real opportunity for the Department of Defense to reduce the logistical burden and fuel costs while meeting its goal to minimize its carbon footprint, all the while increasing base camp security," said Ron Ben-Zeev, CEO of World Housing Solution. "Our rapidly deployable structures are in use in base camps around the world, providing better conditions for our military while deployed."

World Housing Solution's RDS, used in forward operating bases (FOB) of secured military positions to support tactical operations, have equivalent living areas to soft-walled shelters, a 15-year life span and a set up requiring half the time.

"By replacing standard military housing with World Housing Solution's expeditionary structures, money spent on fuel can be reallocated towards greater defense technology while simultaneously reducing the Department of Defense's carbon emissions -- an initiative that benefits us all," said Col. (Ret.) Sweeney.

To learn more about World Housing Solution, visit http://worldhousingsolution.com/.

About World Housing Solution
Established in 2010, World Housing Solution is a manufacturing company based in Orlando, Florida that creates composite structures for the U.S. Military using rapidly deployable panel solutions (RDPs). The company provides environmentally friendly structures that are long-lasting, easy to assemble, and affordable.

About LexTM3
LexTM3 is a leading manufacturer of innovative interconnect solutions. They design and manufacture power distribution and power control systems for military applications. LexTM3 specializes in smart and conventional portable power systems including distribution boxes, cable assemblies, connectors, cable protectors and other products designed to withstand rough use and harsh environments.

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