Football Canada Prioritizes Health and Safety of Athletes by Automating Medical Information Collection Process With PRIVIT Profile

LONDON, ON--(Marketwired - April 11, 2017) - Football Canada is taking a leadership role in making health and safety a priority for their athletes. The organization has selected PRIVIT to manage the health information of its national teams. The move streamlines the collection of protected health information (PHI) using PRIVIT's online system.

The system allows players to store their health information securely by creating a PRIVIT profile. Players can share their profile with selected individuals such as athletic therapists, medical professionals, general managers and coaches. It can also be used as a documentation tool to help share and update health related information between selected individuals.

"The health and safety of our athletes is a top priority and PRIVIT helps improve the management of personal health information," said Aaron Geisler, manager of development, Football Canada. "PRIVIT helps make sure that our high-performance athletes' personal health information is secure while collected, managed and shared in a more efficient way."

PRIVIT solutions ensure universal consistency for managing athlete health related information, help drive compliance for managing personal health information, and help reduce risks of liability caused by a process not being properly executed. Many Football Canada athletes aspire to continue playing at the highest level; the athlete's Privit Profile® can be managed and maintained throughout their athletic career as they go on to play for various colleges and universities. Privit Profile® provides easy to use tools for managing athlete health profiles, helps athletic therapists and coaches easily view the clearance status of an athlete, and it provides athletic therapists and physicians the ability to document brief notes regarding the athlete's status.

"PRIVIT's flexible approach to delivering a secure and privacy compliant platform, helps non-health related organizations outsource the complexities of managing health related information and processes," said Gregory Miller, President at PRIVIT. "Using our patented technology, we will help Football Canada simplify their entire process for everyone involved while also introducing PHI compliance across their organization."

About Football Canada:

Established in 1884, Football Canada is the national governing body of amateur football in Canada and a proud member of the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Working closely with the provincial football associations, we develop programs and resources for players, coaches, officials in the three disciplines of Tackle, Flag and Touch Football. Football Canada's vision statement is "from playground to stadium" where players can participate in the game of football throughout a lifetime recreationally, competitively and internationally.

About PRIVIT®:

PRIVIT® was established in 2009, and provides a secure cloud-based patented technology for the collection, distribution, and analysis of personal health information. As the number one provider of electronic pre-participation health records, PRIVIT is compliant with International privacy laws. We are dedicated to helping organizations and individuals solve the universal problem of managing health related information. Our reach is global and our cloud-based products are transforming how people like you and organizations are managing and sharing personal health information. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about PRIVIT® and its brands.

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