MULTIMEDIA UPDATE - Stratfor Launches Worldview, Revolutionizes Access to Geopolitical Intelligence, Analysis and Forecasting

Innovative new digital platform empowers members to cut through the noise with unique insight in an increasingly complicated international environment

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - April 26, 2017) - Stratfor, the world's leading source for geopolitical intelligence, analysis and forecasting, today announced the launch of Stratfor Worldview™. Worldview is a new, innovative digital platform that revolutionizes how individuals and organizations engage with and operationalize Stratfor's independent insight on the key forces shaping international affairs. The launch of Worldview, part of the next generation Stratfor experience, leads a major transformation effort that dramatically expands Stratfor's ability to deliver objective, accurate and actionable insight and analysis that reveal the underlying significance and future implications of emerging world events.

"Never before have the unbiased, sober insights offered by Stratfor's analysts been more important," said Stratfor CEO Dave Sikora. "The launch of Worldview marks a yearlong effort and a major investment to leverage emerging digital technologies, advanced marketing automation, and a clear corporate vision for Stratfor's role helping professionals and organizations succeed. In a time of conflicting global narratives and disorienting political hyperbole, we believe that strategic analysis grounded in geopolitics is necessary to make informed decisions in an increasingly complex international environment. Stratfor Worldview makes that insight more accessible than ever before."

As Stratfor's premier product, Worldview will serve a growing community of organizations, professionals and globally engaged individuals seeking comprehensive analysis and predictive insights that cut through the noise to offer valuable perspective in an increasingly uncertain world. Powered by the company's proprietary methodology, Worldview revolutionizes a member's ability to interact with analysis, unravel interconnected global trends and understand how Stratfor forecasts the shifts in geopolitical power that shape our world. It accomplishes this by leveraging Connected Content and a dynamic user experience to empower organizations and individuals to customize their experience on multiple levels.

"With Stratfor Worldview, we've succeeded in fusing a next generation user experience with the foundational methodology and insight that have allowed Stratfor to forecast the major shifts in geopolitical power for over two decades," said Stratfor Chief Product Officer Ken Maranian. "This expanded functionality empowers professionals, businesses and even the casual reader to take control of their experience with customized content, and dig deeper into the global trends that matter most to them. New tools like interactive graphics will also help them leverage Stratfor's unique perspective on the world like never before. Each member has unique needs and Worldview allows us to tailor the Stratfor experience to meet those needs with a flexible, forward thinking platform."

Worldview introduces a wave of new features and functionality as part of the next generation Stratfor experience. Several key features include:

  • Living forecasts that continually highlight connected analysis and relevant context so Stratfor members can track where the quarter, year or decade forecasts stand at any moment;
  • Insight into new global themes and topics that transcend regional boundaries and empower members to focus on the key geopolitical trends and issues that matter most to them;
  • Connected Content that reveals the interconnectivity of Stratfor analyses, forecasts and the international system as a whole;
  • A more intuitive, interactive user experience that compels members to dig deeper;
  • New forums to exchange insight and encourage Stratfor's globally engaged members and industry professionals to interact with and challenge one another, as well as Stratfor analysts, editors and contributors;
  • Expanded external contributor content, offering new and unique perspectives on emerging world events from thought leaders and industry professionals around the globe; and
  • New opportunities for deeper integration of Stratfor's geopolitical analysis and forecasting into professional workflows.

The launch of Worldview accompanies a major brand modernization that includes Stratfor's new corporate logo and tag line, "Your World. In Context." It also follows the recent launch of Stratfor Threat Lens™, the first in a suite of new enterprise products designed to help organizations navigate an increasingly complicated and constantly evolving global environment. This suite of new "lens" products provides industry specific insights and stronger context built upon Stratfor's core methodology for interpreting the significance of today's global events and forecasting tomorrow's major developments.

"Worldview introduces an innovative new design that I believe will radically accelerate our members' understanding of the interconnectivity and directionality of key global trends," said Stratfor Editor-in-Chief David Judson. "It's a much deeper experience and a fundamental shift in the way we share the underlying methodology that guides all our of work, and I believe it will enhance our members' ability to make decisions and understand the world."

New and existing Stratfor members will gain automatic access to Stratfor Worldview as the company continues its work to provide valuable perspective on global developments with unbiased, geopolitical intelligence and analyses that confirm transformative world events are not random, but are in fact predictable.

The creation of Stratfor Worldview was made possible by a major growth equity investment by Teakwood Capital, a Dallas-based private equity firm that provides comprehensive financing in support of management teams aspiring to buy and grow companies. Stratfor partnered with Thinktiv, an Austin, Texas based business innovation firm, on the creation and design of Stratfor Worldview.

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