Digital Health Pioneers Launch New Company, Amalgam Rx, to Transform Patient Self-Management and Healthcare Provider Care Delivery

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Wilmington, Delaware, UNITED STATES

WILMINGTON, DE--(Marketwired - May 1, 2017) - Amalgam Rx, Inc., a digital health company, launched today to develop next-generation, evidence-based digital therapies that empower and engage patients with chronic diseases. Founded by Suzanne Clough, MD and Ryan Sysko, two early pioneers in developing clinically validated and reimbursed digital health products, Amalgam Rx's technology aims to improve health outcomes, cost and quality of care. Amalgam's first product, iSage Rx, is the first FDA 510(k)-cleared, prescription-only, mobile application for the automated titration of all brands of basal insulin including Lantus, Levemir, Toujeo, Tresiba and Basaglar.

iSage Rx is designed to help the millions of basal insulin users worldwide, who are not using prandial insulin or an insulin pump, reach their optimal dosage. It is the first of several new digital therapies being developed by Amalgam in partnership with leading life sciences companies to help healthcare providers, payers and life sciences companies meet the challenges of emerging outcomes and value-based care delivery models.

"Value-based care and alternative payment models are creating incredible challenges and opportunities for all stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem," said Ryan Sysko, CEO and founder of Amalgam Rx. "By combining scientifically proven behavioral frameworks and clinical interventions with mobile applications and data science, Amalgam Rx is creating disease-specific digital therapies that give patients the tools and support to manage their conditions; providers the ability to scale their reach and support; and life sciences companies a larger role in improving outcomes as more value-based models become adopted."

"People living with a chronic disease make a multitude of seemingly minor decisions every day that have a major impact on their condition. We founded Amalgam Rx because we have seen how technology can empower patients to make better decisions and lead healthier lives," said Suzanne Clough, MD, chief medical officer and founder, Amalgam Rx. "Decades of research and experience have proven that the right balance of clinical, behavioral, psychosocial, analytical and gaming principles can create effective, highly personalized digital therapies. For healthcare providers, technology that makes patients' self-management easier is the only way that we can scale to meet the growing need while also improving outcomes and reducing costs."

"The rising cost of care is dramatically shifting the healthcare landscape and forcing many organizations to reexamine existing business models. Facing this inflection point, life sciences companies are being challenged to evolve beyond just delivering drugs to supporting the entirety of a patient's clinical and behavioral needs," said Dennis Urbaniak, president, Havas Lynx North America and chief digital officer at Havas Health & You. "The winning organizations will be those with the ability to quickly innovate and build effective solutions that engage patients and providers to achieve better outcomes. Patient management platforms like those being developed by Amalgam Rx will be critical drivers of long-term success."

About Amalgam Rx
Amalgam Rx creates custom, digital therapies that combine clinical and behavioral health, and interventions to engage, support and improve patient self-management. Led by an experienced team of physicians, behaviorists, technologists and digital health pioneers, our goal is to use technology to accelerate the impact and scale of medicine to improve the lives of millions of people living with chronic disease. A key part of Amalgam's strategy is partnering with leading life sciences companies to accelerate the R&D and commercialization of digital therapeutics. For more information, visit

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