DynaTrap Debuts DT600 Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control at the National Hardware Show(R)

The DT600 Series uses 365nM UV light from LED bulbs for a cleaner, greener, and more effective solution to eliminating mosquitoes

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - May 9, 2017) - NATIONAL HARDWARE SHOW -- DynaTrap® (www.dynatrap.com) is the creator of technology-driven, indoor/outdoor insect and mosquito traps that are chemical, pesticide, and hassle free. Today, the company unveiled its new DT600 Series, an advanced line of environmentally-friendly mosquito traps.

The DT600 Series is the perfect solution for mosquito-free summertime fun. It emits a 365-nanometer UV light, the most captivating wavelength for attracting mosquitoes, which are then noiselessly vacuumed into DynaTrap's retaining cage. While other solutions utilize 35-watt bulbs, DynaTrap's LED bulbs are just 5 watts for a more energetically efficient and effective approach to pest control. The bulbs feature over 40,000 hours of use -- the equivalent of 4.5 years of continuous 24-hour use or 13.5 years when run only during mosquito season -- so customers won't have to worry about changing them.

The DT600 Series comes in 3 different color options -- sterling, copper, and tungsten -- so that users can coordinate the devices with their existing outdoor decor for a more tailored aesthetic.

"We're committed to putting our clients first when it comes to designing our products, so we decided to give users greater flexibility to customize the DT600 Series with their personal style," said Juan Rocha, Founder and President of DynaTrap. "This new line is more effective and precise in insect targeting, uses less power, and the bulbs don't need to be changed all season long. We are consistently striving towards creating cleaner, greener, and more effective solutions for our eco-conscious customers."

In addition to the DT600 Series, DynaTrap will also be showcasing its new Sonata Series, a premium line of insect traps. For an added boost, the Sonata Series also works using DynaTrap's Atrakta Insect Lure Pods®, which contain a proprietary blend of non-harmful attractant that is specifically designed to lure insects.

DynaTrap's bug prevention solutions protect against diseases-carrying mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps, and more. Unlike other products on the market, DynaTrap is uniquely chemical and pesticide-free, affordable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and most importantly -- effective.

What sets DynaTrap's devices apart from other so-called mosquito protection is that they mimic human beings to maximize attraction and disrupt the mosquito life-cycle to prevent spread. They use strong yet silent fans to vacuum the insects into a retaining cage, which only needs emptying every 1 to 2 weeks. When run 24/7 during mosquito season, DynaTrap devices work brilliantly to disrupt the mosquito life-cycle, with maximum impact in 6 to 8 weeks.

Visit Dynamic Solutions Worldwide LLC, makers of DynaTrap, at the National Hardware Show at Booth Number: #11828 in the North Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center.

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About DynaTrap®
DynaTrap® is a technology-driven indoor/outdoor insect trap that protects against mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps, and more. Unlike other bug prevention solutions, DynaTrap is uniquely chemical- and pesticide-free, affordable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and most importantly -- effective. It uses UV light and CO2 to mimic human beings and maximize predatory insect attraction. Its strong yet silent fan then vacuums the insects into a retaining cage. When run 24/7 during mosquito season, DynaTrap works brilliantly to disrupt the mosquito life-cycle and keep your home and yard bug-free. For more information please visit www.DynaTrap.com.

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