CORRECTION - Weight Loss Surgeon in Dallas Explains the Necessity of Thorough Pre- and Post-Surgical Care Services

DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - May 11, 2017) - In the news release, "Weight Loss Surgeon in Dallas Explains the Necessity of Thorough Pre- and Post-Surgical Care Services," issued earlier today by Kim Bariatric Institute, we are advised that the source has been updated to "DFW Bariatric Institute" and the logo has been updated, as well. Complete corrected release follows.

Weight Loss Surgeon in Dallas Explains the Necessity of Thorough Pre- and Post-Surgical Care Services

Dr. Manuel Castro, Medical Director of the DFW Bariatric Institute and Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery at Destiny Surgery Center, discusses the importance of access to comprehensive care and support before and after weight loss surgery

DALLAS, TX -- May 11, 2017 -- Surgical treatments for individuals fighting severe obesity have helped thousands of people across America lose significant amounts of weight and reduce serious and life-threatening risks to their health. While the surgery itself is an important step in the treatment process, it is often only one part of a full program designed to help patients lose weight safely and support them through the physical and emotional aspects of the journey they are embarking upon. Dr. Manuel Castro, a Dallas weight loss surgeon and Medical Director of the DFW Bariatric Institute, says comprehensive care both before and after surgery is a necessary and even vital component to the overall treatment process. "Weight loss surgery provides patients with a tool to assist in modification of lifestyle. Therefore, pre- and post-operative programs that assist in lifestyle change, including diet, exercise, and eating behaviors, lead to improved long-term weight control."

The surgical weight loss program at the DFW Bariatric Institute involves a multidisciplinary approach that gives patients access to many types of assistance. Nutritionists, psychologists, dietitians, exercise specialists, experienced nurses, and bariatric surgeons themselves are all on-hand to provide patients with the guidance and support they need both before and after the surgery. Both online and in-person weight loss surgery support groups are also available through the practice to help patients meet others who are going through similar circumstances. Dr. Castro says these groups can be very helpful for patients from both an educational and an emotional perspective, allowing them to listen to others' experiences and to talk about their own. "Individual and group counseling help educate and motivate patients. In general, support group sessions provide ideas that patients can try on their own in order to fine-tune their lifestyle change."

When it comes to the pre- and post-operative periods for patients, Dr. Castro says some of the most important components include:

  • Setting realistic goals regarding weight loss surgery. 
  • Ensuring that patients understand that weight loss surgery is dynamic, meaning that patients should expect the surgery to change with time.
  • Confirmation that patients have received the basic information that will ensure a smooth course in the first few weeks after surgery.
  • Ensuring that weight is lost at an acceptable rate, that nutrition and hydration are maintained, and that healing occurs properly during the early stages of aftercare.
  • Long-term care that can extend from months to years in order to help patients remain focused and motivated to maintain weight loss.

Dr. Castro notes that the period before surgery ultimately gives patients the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of what they can expect, and the aftercare stage is designed to assist them with safely and effectively losing weight while offering a helping hand down the challenging path of the dietary and physical changes they will need to navigate during life after weight loss surgery. In addition to these aspects of support, Dr. Castro says the importance of emotional assistance cannot be underestimated. That's one reason why access to counseling in the time before and after treatment is a standard part of the program at the DFW Bariatric Institute. "The weight loss journey provided by bariatric surgery is marked by a significant number of emotional challenges. These range from alterations in self-esteem to changes in the workplace to modifications to marriage and friendship dynamics. These challenges are best handled when emotional support is provided by an experienced professional."

Dr. Castro says individuals should understand that there are programs available to help them through every step of the process. He encourages people who are considering bariatric surgery to seek out experienced weight loss surgeons who have established thorough treatment protocols that can serve their needs before, during, and long after they have surgery in order to maximize the potential for optimal results.

About the DFW Bariatric Institute

Dr. Manuel Castro is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and has performed more than 3,500 bariatric surgeries. He is a member of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and the Texas Association for Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Castro and the team of weight loss surgeons at the DFW Bariatric Institute offer a full range of bariatric surgery treatment options, including gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, and adjustable gastric banding procedures. The practice also offers advanced non-surgical treatments such as the gastric balloon and the Medical Weight Loss Program. The DFW Bariatric Institute provides an all-encompassing pre-treatment and aftercare program designed to help patients through all aspects of the weight loss process. Dr. Castro is available for interview upon request.

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