Mobile Posse Report Reveals Untapped Multibillion-Dollar "First Dibs" Economy

Report shows smartphones aren't smart enough; being "first" is fertile for new revenue opportunities; and carriers and OEMs are poised to take advantage of consumer boredom

ARLINGTON, VA--(Marketwired - May 23, 2017) -  Mobile Posse, provider of a content engagement platform that improves the mobile experience while boosting service provider and OEM mobile ad monetization, today announced the release of its First Dibs Opportunity Report, which reveals a multibillion dollar opportunity that wireless carriers and OEMs can take advantage of by seizing the first screen position on the smartphone.

By focusing on what mobile users see first after unlocking a device, the report validates that wireless carriers are in a favorable position to reimagine and "own" the first screen experience by delivering engaging content customized to individual users. This opens an easy and immediate entry point into the mobile advertising revenue game while also improving the overall subscriber experience. While companies like Apple, Google and others are leading the battle to win the first screen experience, mobile carriers are in a unique position to take hold of market share given their vast subscriber base, device influence and strategic content partnerships.

Key Findings of The First Dibs Opportunity Report

  • The current first screen experience doesn't engage the user: Over 30% of all mobile sessions start on the home screen and another 23% begin with users immediately shutting down their most recently-used app in search of a new experience. As such, 54% of the time, a user's first mobile experience provides zero value, as they immediately seek something else to satisfy their curiosity or need, switching to something else in less than three seconds.
  • Mobile boredom has become so prevalent that it can be predicted. Roughly 42% of mobile sessions exhibited qualities of "idle" use (defined as short, sporadic and non-task or social driven), the majority of which are followed by additional idle sessions. By predicting these spurts of boredom, wireless carriers can target users with relevant content at precisely the right time for optimal engagement.
  • Users are looking for a better "what's first" experience: When asked, 46% of survey respondents expressed interest in having engaging content delivered to their home screen. Additionally, 68% of survey respondents that engage with notifications and 72% of those that primarily use Facebook for content, expressed a desire for a better experience when it comes to what they first see when unlocking their mobile devices.
  • Carriers that take advantage are poised to be a leader in mobile ad share: By claiming "First Dibs" on the smartphone -- ultimately being the first mobile experience that users engage with -- wireless carriers become a top player, just behind the likes of Facebook and Google, in mobile ad revenue.

"Device behavior has changed. While curious mobile users continue to reach for their smartphones in times of boredom, it creates an opportunity to compete with the top dogs in mobile ad revenue," said Jon Jackson, Mobile Posse founder and CEO. "Our data shows that by claiming and owning the first screen subscribers interact with, mobile carriers and device OEMs have a unique opportunity to be a disruptor and unlock new revenue streams -- all while improving the user experience."

Research Methodology
The report was compiled through three separate studies: 1) Data from the Verto device meter tracking general population users, analyzed by Phoenix Marketing International; 2) Data from the Verto device meter tracking Mobile Posse's users, analyzed by Verto; 3) A survey of over 1,000 Android users, fielded by Phoenix Marketing International. 


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