Cloud Logistics’ Second Zero Downtime Release of 2017 Marks Continued Rapid Pace of Innovation

West Palm Beach, Fla., May 23, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud Logistics has completed its second upgrade of 2017 with the release of version 17.1. The company’s agile development process and focus on rapid innovation allows every customer to benefit from the continued investment in research and development by bringing all users of the system to the latest release in a near seamless deployment.  With five or six releases every year, Cloud Logistics’ clients gain access to dozens of new features and enhancements each year at no added cost.

“Logistics professionals have to deal with greater change, complexity and demands than ever before,” said Scott Tesoriere, VP of Technology for Cloud Logistics. “Our team is focused on providing our customers the functionality, usability and quality they need to be able to satisfy their customers while reducing freight spend as much as possible. Being able to offer new features so many times per year at no additional cost with virtually no risk is a huge part of their (and our) success.”

A few of the more than 30 new enhancements to the Cloud Logistics system in 2017 thus far include:

  • A wide variety of features designed for the rapidly growing broker and 3PL industries
    • A new rate confirmation document
    • Spot quotes for customers (i.e. ad hoc margins)
    • Four additional formulae for contracted customers, particularly focused on LTL
    • Carrier-specific sell rates
  • New ways to quickly create manual shipments, such as turning rate quotes into shipments as well as inclusion of cargo when using an existing load as a template
  • Enhanced mapping features
  • Advanced accessorial management (including application criteria such as dimensions as well as synchronization with EDI standards)
  • Additional decision support and performance tuning for Carrier Assignment Optimization

Mark Nix, CEO of Cloud Logistics added. “The pace of innovation and investment will only accelerate throughout the remainder of the year. With three more releases scheduled, there are some very exciting new features planned. Two of the most intriguing include a Market Rating System to create and manage internal benchmarks and integration with Konexial’s forthcoming GoLoad for load-matching between carriers and shippers.”

About Cloud Logistics
Cloud Logistics provides the newest generation of transportation logistics solutions for the global supply chain market. Our solutions make the complexities of order collaboration, communication and international transportation management simple and beneficial for companies of any size.  The offering includes a patent pending configurable workflow architecture, a unique user experience, customizable alerts, dynamic dashboard widgets, and ad-hoc reporting all delivered in a cloud-based network. Social technology for business allows each person involved with an order or shipment the ability to attach documents, claims photos, and Proof of Delivery (POD) signatures within a private secure community. More information about Cloud Logistics can be found at