NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 8, 2017) - The CMO Club today announced this year's 2017 CMO Awards, created by CMO Club members to celebrate the marketing industry's brightest leaders and to provide a forum to share their successes with other CMOs and future CMOs. Nominations are open to the public and are now being accepted online at for CMOs in ten dynamic categories. Established in 2013, The CMO Award program is the first and only program driven and decided entirely by an elite group of peer CMOs.

In addition, 2017 will mark the CMO Awards' fifth induction into the CMO Hall of Fame. Last November, the honor went to Antonio Lucio, Global Chief Marketing & Communication Officer at HP Inc, who joined 2015 winner Jon Iwata, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications at IBM, 2014 winner Beth Comstock, CMO at GE and 2013 winner Stephen Quinn, CMO of Walmart.

Nominees for outstanding CMOs in the ten categories may be submitted between June 5th 2017 and July 15th 2017 via the online nomination form. Nominations are open to the public and nominees are not required to be a member of The CMO Club. Nominees must hold the title of CMO or senior marketing title for a major company, brand, or organization (excludes companies selling predominately to marketing organizations). Marketing executives are permitted to nominate themselves.

Finalists in each of the ten Award categories will be announced in August, selected by CMOs in The CMO Club, with four winners per category selected by October 10th, 2017 as voted on by fellow CMOs, and announced at The CMO Club's Innovation and Inspiration Summit in New York, NY. ( All finalists, winners and the 2017 CMO Hall of Fame inductee will be honored at the 2017 CMO Awards Dinner November 14th, 2017 in NYC, and will participate in an "All Star" Thought Leadership roundtable prior to the event.

"We are excited to honor these amazing marketing leaders and showcase their success -- first with their peers and then to the world. Building on the five-year success of the program, we have ten categories to celebrate the comprehensive accomplishments of the award-winning CMOs. Our recently enhanced nomination and voting platform will allow for increased participation and engagement among CMO Club members, nominees and the global business community as a whole," noted CMO Club Founder and CEO, Pete Krainik.

2017 CMO Awards Categories

The CMO Leadership Award - Based on a marketing executive's demonstrated leadership in building, leading and motivating a high performing marketing organization. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Building or transforming a marketing organization to succeed in today's dynamic marketing environment.
2. Innovative techniques or approaches in motivating his/her marketing organization to create a high performance team.
3. Adopting new approaches in training, education and expertise within his/her organization to achieve extraordinary team performance.

The CMO Marketing Innovation Award - Based on a marketing executive's demonstrated capability in creating an innovative environment that delivers break-through marketing and game-changing outcomes in ROI, customer engagement, and/or for the industry. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Fostering a marketing organization's ability to deliver new innovation to his/her company or the industry.
2. Delivering "game-changing" marketing innovation(s) for ROI, customer engagement or brand differentiation.
3. Producing exceptional marketing innovation(s) by leveraging new partnerships.

The CMO Officers Award - Based on a marketing executive's demonstrated ability to lead companywide transformation and brand leadership beyond the marketing department. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Catalyzing an entire organization's ability to understand, communicate and live the brand beyond the marketing department.
2. Leading and delivering company wide transformation.

The CMO Growth Award - Based on a marketing executive's demonstrated leadership in the development and implementation of new strategies, tools and programs resulting in significant company growth. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Constructing the launch of novel products, services or capabilities resulting in significant company growth above and beyond industry benchmarks.
2. Implementing new tools, technology and information-based decision making for increased ROI, customer engagement or brand differentiation.

The CMO Rising Star Award - Based on less than 10 years of experience and a marketing executive's demonstrated capabilities in leading an organization, fostering marketing innovation and spearheading the growth agenda. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Leading a high performing marketing organization.
2. Demonstrating innovation in marketing for increased ROI, customer engagement or brand differentiation.
3. Spearheading the growth agenda for the company.

The CMO Social Responsibility Award - based on a marketing executive's extraordinary approach in corporate social responsibility and/or cause marketing efforts for social and other charitable causes. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Crafting a high performing non-profit organization through in-house efforts -- or -- spearheading collaborative efforts between a for-profit and not-for profit organization for mutual benefit and results.
2. Successfully driving shareholder and social value by adhering to principles of "doing well by doing good."
3. Delivering impact and connecting with audiences by communicating and reinforcing shared values.

The CMO Content Engagement Award - Based on a marketing executive's demonstrated leadership in creating and curating relevant and valuable content to develop brand affinity, engage audiences, create community and positively impact customer experiences. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Transforming the customer experience through helpful, relevant content that resonates with the organization's mission, speaks to an audience's needs, and nurtures an engaged community.
2. Generating successful measurement of content engagement and ROI to improve the customer experience, generate demand and capture conversions.

The CMO Customer Experience Award - Based on a marketing executive's demonstrated leadership in creating high impact customer experiences. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Designing and implementing novel customer experience approaches that reinforce the brand and generate new levels of customer advocacy for the brand.
2. Leveraging new technology and tools to facilitate connection, insight and improve customer experience across touch points and along the entire customer journey.

The CMO Creativity and Story Telling Award- Based on a marketing executive's demonstrated leadership in stand-out story telling and creativity that separates the brand from others in the category. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Crafting new stories about the brand that fundamentally change the brand's relationship with customers and differentiates the brand in the industry.
2. Designing novel methods to telling and delivering a brand story with attention-getting approaches via multiple channels.

The CMO President's Circle Award - Based on a marketing executive's demonstrated dedication to the mission of the CMO Club by building relationships with peer members, collaborating and sharing with members and helping new CMOs to benefit from the peer-based community conversations. Framework for consideration includes:

1. Facilitating peer to peer networking and introducing members to other members to foster the collaborative value of the club.
2. Sharing mutually-beneficial content and insights with peers and encouraging CMO-curated content for the benefit of the community.
3. Successfully referring marketing heads to the club to continually enhance the value of the members, conversations and experiences.
4. Sharing the Club benefits and value to elevate the profession of marketing.

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