Cheers! Same Day Delivery Leader Deliv Powers $200B Alcohol Market

Deliv adds leading retailers like K&L Wine Merchants, Blanchard’s Liquors, and PlumpJack Wine & Spirits plus technology partnerships with Drync and BevSites, a division of Beverage Media Group

MENLO PARK, Calif., June 14, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On the heels of announcing its Deliv Fresh service for grocers, meal services, and perishable e-commerce leaders, Deliv today announced that it now powers same day, scheduled service for numerous beer, wine, and spirit beverage retailers, including K&L Wine Merchants, Blanchard’s Liquors, PlumpJack Wine & Spirits, Vin Chicago, Foodkick by FreshDirect, and more. Deliv also announced technology partnerships with Drync, the leading mobile ordering and marketing platform for beverage alcohol retailers, and BevSites (a division of Beverage Media Group), an e-commerce platform for wine and spirit retailers. In doing so, Deliv makes it easy for thousands of liquor stores to offer scheduled same day alcohol delivery through their own branded websites and mobile ordering in addition to grocery and meal providers that would like to add adult beverages to their menus and catalogs of available products.

Statista reported total beverage alcohol sales totaled $220 billion last year. Additionally, according to a recent IBISWorld report on Online Beer, Wine and Liquor Sales in the U.S., revenue from online alcohol sales was approximately $600 million in 2016 and is estimated to grow to $772.3 million by 2021, partly thanks to technology advancements, population growth among individuals aged 20 to 64, and increasing online purchase behaviors of millennials.

Within this massive, growing market, demand for online alcohol purchases has surged as has customer demand for rapid delivery. But the alcohol industry faces numerous complexities that have made same day delivery problematic, such as varying state and local regulations, expensive packaging, and identification verification. Deliv however is ideally situated to bring together an entire ecosystem of retailers, marketplaces, and technology providers to simplify rapid beverage delivery.

Deliv has built the nation’s leading last mile delivery network and powers licensed alcohol retailers of all kinds - local liquor stores, grocery stores, and beverage marketplaces - wherever the customer wishes to shop. Deliv is agnostic to how and where alcohol is purchased, where it’s delivered, and does not sell any goods itself. The company also helps retailers leverage their stores or warehouses as local distribution centers and delivery hubs by enabling them to offer fast and scheduled delivery through their apps or e-commerce sites without having to staff delivery personnel and purchase delivery vehicles. Additionally, retailers gain access in real-time to an easy-to-read dashboard that allows them to view all orders, estimate driver arrival times, and ensure delivery with an adult signature and photo ID.

By partnering with e-commerce platform providers that focus on the beverage industry, retailers can make Deliv’s same day delivery option immediately available on their websites and mobile apps without any additional integration. This makes it possible for retailers to establish and/or maintain a strong e-commerce presence through which they can offer scheduled delivery as fast as one hour after an order is placed. And, Deliv’s technology enables customers to select delivery times and locations that work best for them -- same day or in the future. They can also visually track their purchases in real-time so that they know exactly when their purchases will arrive.

“We’ve been providing the world’s finest wines and spirits to our customers in California for over 40 years,” said Brian Zucker, Co-owner of K&L Wine Merchants, one of the largest e-commerce providers in the U.S. that also operates multiple retail stores in the Golden State. “Partnering with Deliv now allows us to expand our service experience and deliver to customers who can’t make it to our stores, all while offering them the same great assortment and exclusive products they enjoy when they shop with us in-person.”

“We’ve been in the alcohol business for nearly 80 years and have seen tremendous changes across the industry, but perhaps nothing so great as the emergence of e-commerce,” said Ian Griffith, VP of eCommerce of Beverage Media Group. “Consumers and the trade have increasingly turned online for beverage purchases and expect to have items delivered quickly. Integrating Deliv with the BevSites eCommerce platform makes it remarkably easy for our customers to add an outstanding same day delivery option that provides a differentiated customer experience.”

Deliv complies with all state and local alcohol regulations. It is currently licensed to deliver alcohol across 10 of its 18 markets, including: NYC Metro Area, Yonkers, Boston, Chicago, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C., and Deliv is planning to quickly expand across its other markets. Deliv gives retailers the ability to deliver alcohol seven days a week, 362 days per year (dependent on state and local regulations governing the sale and distribution of alcohol).

“Everything about alcohol is unique -- how you sell, how you manage, how you deliver -- and traditional alcohol shipping can be tricky and costly due to the need for special packaging and because two cases of wine can’t be dropped at the door,” said Deliv CEO and founder, Daphne Carmeli. “We’ve invested significant resources to refine our operations and technology to ensure that alcohol delivery is just as seamless as delivering a book. Our business is to focus on delivery so that merchants and technology providers can focus on theirs.”

About Deliv
Deliv is a leading crowdsourced, last mile logistics company that powers scheduled, same day delivery and returns for 4000+ businesses including 25 of the nation's top national omnichannel retailers as well as leading e-commerce companies, local businesses and traditional parcel carriers. Deliv is focused exclusively on moving goods; it does not sell them.

The company currently operates in 18 markets and more than 100 cities. Deliv is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and is backed by global logistics leader United Parcel Service, leading financial investors and the nation's top REIT investors. For more information, visit