Datorama Launches SmartLenses, Instant Dashboards for Marketing Performance Optimization

All-new, one-click dashboards give marketers measurement expertise with the right KPIs, trends and segments for top platforms, such as: Facebook, Google Analytics, Moat and more

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 25, 2017) - Datorama, a global marketing intelligence company, today announced the launch of Datorama SmartLenses. Leveraging Datorama's AI-powered Marketing Intelligence platform and extensive marketing domain expertise from working with thousands of brands, agencies and publishers, SmartLenses provide marketers with one-click dashboards for their popular marketing data sources to optimize performance, impact and customer loyalty. Today's release of SmartLenses extends Datorama's value to customers by guiding marketers to the right, in-depth KPIs, performance metrics, trends and campaign breakdowns to measure and improve upon -- all while automating and streamlining the process of data integration, data modeling and visualization in a single step. With SmartLenses, marketers can now go from data to smarter decision making in seconds.

In an age where marketers are overwhelmed with an ever-increasing array of customer touchpoints and technology, Datorama's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform centralizes all of their data to form a single source of truth. The core of this unified approach to marketing intelligence is measurement expertise in tandem with AI-powered technology that helps marketers take control to connect, unify, analyze and act on all their data. Building on these capabilities, SmartLenses assist marketers by establishing the right measurement solutions for key data sources within the platform.

Today's release of SmartLenses provide instant dashboard and KPI solutions for many marketers' most widely used platforms, including:

Facebook (Page & Posts)
Paid Digital
Google AdWords
Google DoubleClick Search
Facebook Ads
YouTube Ads
Yahoo! Gemini
The Trade Desk
  Web/Email Analytics
Google Analytics
  Ad Servers/Ad Tech
Google DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA)
Facebook Atlas

Support for additional platforms is underway.

"DWA's mission is to deliver game changing marketing strategies for all of our clients, harnessing data to continually optimize performance and transform conversations with business decision makers. Our partnership with Datorama has helped us execute on our mission and continually advance our client relationships," said DWA's Associate Director of Web Analytics and Data Insights, Mollie Parker. "SmartLenses reaffirm Datorama's market leadership in delivering solutions for our teams to get to the top insights across all of our channels, campaigns and audiences. This puts us in the driver seat to apply our knowledge and best practices to optimize performance and impact in the moment -- driving better relationships and outcomes at scale across our clients."

"Marketers today are looking for the right KPIs, trends and analytics to measure their performance, impact and loyalty across an increasingly complex customer journey," said Leah Pope, CMO, Datorama. "Datorama SmartLenses instantly surfaces the most meaningful measurements, enabling marketers to drive their programs with better insights and smarter decisions in a fully automated process. The solution provides marketing measurement expertise right out of the box."

About Datorama:
Datorama is a global marketing intelligence company providing the world's first Marketing Integration Engine for enterprises, agencies, publishers and platforms. Datorama's software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform gives marketers the ability to connect all of their data sources together -- whether it's a handful or hundreds -- to form a single source of truth for more efficient reporting, better decision making, and total control over their marketing performance, impact and customer experience. Datorama's best-in-class combination of end-to-end data management, machine learning (AI) technology, and high-performance architecture makes it simple for data-driven marketers of all experience levels to connect, unify, analyze, visualize and act on all of their marketing data.

Datorama powers marketing intelligence for thousands of leading organizations and has a global presence with 16 offices worldwide. To learn more about Datorama, please visit: https://datorama.com/.