American Health Council Names Edmund J. Miller, Ph.D. to Education Board

Hauppauge, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, July 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Edmund J. Miller of The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research has been selected to join the Education Board at the American Health Council. He will be sharing his knowledge and expertise on Cardiopulmonary Research, Lung Injury, Bacterial Infection and the Age Associated Changes in Inflammation.

With over thirty years of experience in the field of cardiopulmonary research, Dr. Miller provides valuable insight in his role as the Head of the Center for Heart and Lung Research at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. Headquartered in Manhasset, NY, The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research is a state-of-the-art laboratory providing the infrastructure needed to conduct groundbreaking, disease-oriented research.

As the Head of Heart and Lung Research at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, his day-to-day responsibilities include research focusing on lung inflammation and injury, sepsis, pulmonary hypertension and aging. Dr. Miller concurrently holds the position of Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Molecular Medicine and Surgery at the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine and Director of the Cardiopulmonary Research Laboratory at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research.

In 1980, Dr. Miller earned his Bachelor of Science Honors in Applied Biology from North East Thames Polytechnic, London, UK. He pursued a Master’s of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry from Thames Polytechnic, London, UK in 1983, and received his PhD in Biochemistry from King’s College, London University, UK in 1989.He was a Parker B. Francis Fellow in Pulmonary Research (1994-1997), and in 1998 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (CChem FRSC).

Dr. Miller maintains affiliations with the following organizations: American Thoracic Society, American Association of Immunologists, Society for Leukocyte Biology, American Heart Association, and Shock Society. He reviews grant applications for several different bodies including The National Institutes of Health, and the British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Research Group.

Dr. Miller has held various positions such as the Chairman of the IACUC University of Texas Health Center at Tyler, Texas (1994-1999); Chairman of IACUC Equine Medical Center & Veterinary Hospital, Gresham Texas (1999-2001); Chairman of IACUC Northwell Health Research Institute, Manhasset, NY (2003-2007); Scientific Advisor to the Shandong Academy of Sciences, Jinan, PR China (2006); Dr. Miller’s desire to serve as the head of the Center for Heart and Lung Research spawned from his post- doctoral fellowship at the University of Texas where he researched acute lung injury. He attributes his success to initiating collaborations between clinical and basic scientists.

Among his many accomplishments, he is most proud to review grant applications for the NIH, to have published over 100 peer reviewed manuscripts, and developed six U.S. Patents. Dr. Miller was honored with the Zhejiang West Lake Friendship Award for Foreign Experts by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province P.R. China (2013).    

Looking ahead, Dr. Miller hopes to expand his research to include acute lung injury affecting 9/11 victims and veterans.

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