DataXu Scales Walled Garden ROI With OneView™

Duncan Channon saves 80% per unique at 3x scale versus native Walled Garden technology

BOSTON, Aug. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DataXu, a leading provider of programmatic marketing technology solutions, today announced a new way for brands and agencies to increase ROI on 1st-party data used in Walled Garden media environments: the OneView™ data activation platform. With OneView, marketers can increase the scale and addressability of their 1st-party data, syndicate the results to a range of 3rd-party platforms, and garner lower average media prices at the same time.

In a recent example, independent agency Duncan Channon wanted to take advantage of the robust 1st-party data captured by its existing digital efforts. But while many social networks such as Facebook and Instagram let customers load 1st-party data into their network for targeting, these platforms offer little control, choice or transparency in terms of how the data can be modeled or used to buy media.

Rather than be limited by the targeting choices of each social platform, Duncan Channon turned to OneView to enrich, amplify and activate its cookie-based data into other types of identifiers with the goal of syndicating the results to Facebook and Instagram. Duncan Channon compared media performance achieved with the OneView-enhanced audience versus the social platforms’ native offerings and reported:

  • 3x increase in Duncan Channon’s total addressable audience size
  • 364% more unique Instagram users targeted by the OneView audience
  • 44% more efficient CPMs on Facebook generated by the OneView audience
  • 2x to 5.5x better overall efficiency on a cost-per-unique-user basis, as measured by Instagram and Facebook respectively

“Facebook is a critical source of audience reach across our client base, but we give up the control we have with other media buying modes,” said Leslie Diard, Director of Communications Planning at Duncan Channon. “OneView helps us regain some control over outcomes, and when comparing the OneView-enhanced audience results to the alternatives, we were blown away by the improvement that we saw.”

“Walled gardens such as Twitter, Facebook and others increasingly present a challenge to marketers looking to leverage their own data in a more controlled way,” said Aaron Kechley, SVP, Product Management, Marketing & Technical Solutions, DataXu. “By using OneView as a pre-processing step before executing social media campaigns, brands and agencies are able to increase scale and efficiency simultaneously. This in turn dramatically increases the ROI potential of their 1st-party data.”

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