EarthYellowpages executes $1,000,000 Agreement to Advertise Strategic Global Investments Inc. (OTC PINK:STBV) to 1,600 US and 425 International Markets in Exchange for TROPTIONS

DOVER, Del., Aug. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- STBV, a development-stage company transferred TROPTIONS to EarthYellowpages Inc, a Nevada Corporation in exchange for advertising and promotion of SEC compliant cryptocurrency ICO’s beginning with TROPTIONS.

Jerry Royse, CEO of EarthYellowpages which offers 1600 US Advertising and Real Estate Multiple Listing Services(MLS) Platforms , and is expanding into 425 international markets says, “We have executed the agreement we started with STBV on August 2, 2017. This partnership will strongly support the upcoming TROPTIONS ICO. The resources, training and Internet platforms can increase the value of the up coming. ICO by creating a marketplace for thousands of businesses to accept the TROPTIONS cryptocurrency. It also supports the upcoming ICO with the inclusion of a real estate platform to bring greater value to the ICO by positioning it for potential real estate acquisitions.

Royse and Associates, a division of EarthYellowpages, offers Training and Education in 1600 markets for real estate agents and investors on buying and selling real estate, incorporating advanced Asset Protection Strategies, and has showcased Leading Conferences in Resort destinations in Alaska and Hawaii for over 18 years. It will be increasing its courses and conferences to teach its attendees strategies for use of crypto currencies.

Garland E. Harris, President of STBV says, “EarthYellowpages was a real find in our quest to help our clients and 14 million US Businesses use TROPTIONS in 12,000 sectors in 1600 markets to acquire effective online media to accomplish their customer growth goals. We turn hidden assets into purchasing power for private and public companies using TROPTIONS.”

Royse says, “We are very excited to work closely with STBV on this new project to support their expansion and adoption by accepting TROPTIONS, to expand business advertising budgets, effectively reaching millions of new customers, and get the word out about their much needed services and products.

This benefits the small and medium businesses and real estate investors in the community. We will be working with TROPTIONS to expand their market reach to include 14 million US businesses in 12,000 business sectors, to expand the options for using and redeeming TROPTIONS to grow their business, setting them ahead of everyone else.” This could significantly increase the value of the upcoming TROPTIONS ICO.

Agreements with companies like EarthYellowpages Inc, provides exclusive opportunities to the Troptions community other than speculative token trading. TROPTIONS are a Counterparty Asset on the Bitcoin blockchain. TROPTIONS Initial Coin Offering - ICO is scheduled to start by late fall of 2017.