HELLENIC COIN ($HNC) Announces Sponsorship on Cryptocurrency Trade Platform LIVECOIN.NET


NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HELLENIC COIN (LIVECOIN:HNC) announces the full-month of August 2017 sponsorship on LIVECOIN.NET, the coin’s primary exchange trading platform. The sponsorship gives $HNC a premier visibility on the exchange to all the active traders in cryptocurrencies. 

LIVECOIN.NET is a modern service for accessing cryptocurrency exchange markets, providing a comfortable, practical and profitable platform with which to work with cryptocurrencies – suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.  Opening an account is straightforward.

HELLENIC COIN’s main objective is to bring more knowledge, information, and trading fundamentals about this growing cybercurrency, as it becomes more widely accepted in all forms of commerce.

Pending announcements regarding increases in HNC’s worldwide acceptances in a vast and variety of industries, coupled with new partnerships, HNC’s management expect continued growth.  As such, HNC’s value and its coin volume transactions are increasing, accordingly.

$HNC is limited by a 100 million currency unit cap, with only 61,700,000 million currently mined coins.  HNC positioned its self as an alternative currency, whereas the world’s FIAT currencies appear to be under devaluation pressures.

Currently, HELLENIC COIN launched a massive marketing program which includes news sourcing, social media interactions, print and digital articles, direct and online contacts, and exchange sponsorships.

For more information about Hellenic Coins, its trading platform on Livecoin.net, and merchant acceptances, contact, Rich Kaiser, YES INTERNATIONAL, www.yesinternational.com, 757-306-6090, and yes@yesinternational.com.


HELLENIC COIN ($HNC) established in 2015 uses the technology of “LiteCoin” coin, similar to “BitCoin,” with different algorithms and blockchain. With the world economies in flux and uncertainty, HNC provides the world with an alternative currency the people can believe in, backed by precious metals, carbon credits, and leading cryptocurrencies.  HNC positioned itself to be an aggressive coin in the cryptocurrency sector which has an ever increasing stored value and wider acceptability in monetary transactions, www.helleniccoin.com.