SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 29, 2017) - Rubicon Labs, a leader in secure identity services for IoT devices, will present "Secure IoT Identity and the Emergence of IoT Control" at the ST Developers Conference in Santa Clara, California, September 6, 2017. Rubicon Labs' Chief Product Officer Rod Schultz joins a select group of visionaries and cyber security thought leaders to present actionable perspectives on key technologies driving the product development of innovative IoT services and solutions.

"When you connect a device to a network, you must think like a service provider. How do you secure and defend your services, yet still grow revenue?" Schultz said. "How do you protect your corporate brand? The answer begins and ends with IoT services and security built upon trusted, highly secure and unique identity that is readily subscribe-able and manage-able down to the very low power device level."

Schultz will share strategies for how to generate revenue, sustain a profitable business model and protect a firm's market reputation by implementing a service that ensures secure identity and offers the opportunity to provide value-added subscription services. He will also provide the business underpinnings and technical details of Rubicon's secure identity service.

Schultz's ST Developer Conference presentation -- "Secure IoT Identity and the Emergence of IoT Control" -- will be held at 11 am, September 6, 2017, in the Mission City Ballroom of the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA.

Rubicon Labs will also showcase its Rubicon Identity Service, which provides secure identity from a cloud service down to very low-end microcontrollers that reside in IoT devices. The Identity Service is a foundation for innovation that supports the provisioning speed, scale, extremely low-power consumption and attractive economics essential to realize the true market potential of IoT.

At the ST Developers Conference, Rubicon Labs will demonstrate the secure provisioning of both identity and secure services built on top of this secure identity. The Company will cloud-provision highly manageable identity-driven services such as data signing/validation, data encryption/decryption, secure cloud data aggregation, and cloud managed IoT identities.

Together, the platform and cloud services provide a true plug-and-play IoT framework to allow developers to create a secure cloud controlled service for the emerging wave of IoT devices and market opportunities.

About Rubicon Labs:

Rubicon Labs provides trust, identity, and security for connected IoT devices. The Company believes secure identities are foundational to help the IoT market achieve its massive potential. Rubicon has created a unique platform to provide security and identity seamlessly from the cloud to gateway and even to the most resource-constrained IoT endpoints.

Rubicon Labs' Identity Platform is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), providing developers with a simple path to authenticate, secure and control their devices. Once identity is provisioned, data can be encrypted and signed, devices can be controlled with policies and over-the-air updates can be targeted to unique devices.

Rubicon Labs is based in San Francisco and has an R&D center in Austin, Texas. The company is venture-backed by Third Point Ventures, Pelion Venture Partners, and Akamai Technologies.

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