CORK, Ireland, Aug. 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MPSTOR, a leading storage products company, today announced the next generation of the OSA storage family, the OSA-Fx60TM. The OSA-Fx60 has improved IO performance of 5M random IOPS. The OSA-Fx60 (x for eXtreme) is a 60 drive, all flash 2U storage array running on the company’s OrkestraTM SAM storage array software. The OSA-Fx60 is a full featured, scalable and cost-effective block storage solution suitable for use in challenging multi-tenant datacenter environments. The OSA-Fx60 is available with support for 16G Fibre Channel, 40G and 100G Ethernet as well as 56G Infiniband networks.

The OSA-Fx60 is a high performance, high density all flash storage array, designed for the disaggregated datacenter. The OSA-Fx60 is rated for 5M IOPS in a 2U form factor with up to 128G of controller memory. The OSA-Fx60 provides a high resiliency, no single point of failure system including hot swap dual storage controllers. Other field replaceable units include disks, PSUs & fans.

Designed for high performance storage use cases, the OSA-Fx60 supports a range of SAN protocols including iSCSI, iSER, Fibre Channel and Infiniband. The OSA-Fx60, based on MPSTOR’s Orkestra-SAM software, provides a range of volumes services often required in multi-tenancy configurations, including in-line data compression and de-duplication, along with IOPS rate limiting.

Supporting a wide range of connectivity, the OSA-Fx60 is available in a range of SAN configurations including 8x8G-FC, 4x16G-FC, 4x40G/100G-Ethernet or 4x56G-Infiniband. Ethernet ports can be bonded for increased performance.

The OSA-Fx60 can be installed quickly and managed easily within a datacenter, using an automation API or conventional GUI. The Orkestra automation toolkit provides a set of python tools that allow a datacenter administrator to automate all storage array configuration tasks.

The OSA-Fx60 high availability dual controller multipath software has been validated with several RHEL and Windows versions for both Fibre channel and iSCSI environments. The Orkestra-SAM software is integrated with the full suite of Orkestra products including the software defined storage Orkestra-SDS and virtual machine management Orkestra-VM.

With MPSTOR’s expertise and customer-focused support, the OSA-Fx60 offers OEMs an excellent base on which to design and build storage solutions. MPSTOR provides product support as well as OEM specific professional services.


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