CPA Firm MRZ Launches New Website, Along With Sites for Affiliates MRZ Financial and SKY Valuation

HOUSTON, Sept. 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 2017 has been a milestone year for Certified Public Accounting firm MiddletonRaines+Zapata, or MRZ as its newly simplified logo reads. The company marked its fifth year in business with a brand refresh that extended from its logo and communications to a website overhaul and custom designed headquarters in Houston. The focus on experience, from a content-rich, easily navigable website to a naturally-lit, open concept lobby, permeated both digital and physical spaces. Experience also played into the founding of two MRZ affiliates, MRZ Financial and SKY Valuation. MRZ leadership’s desire to create a truly integrated financial services experience meant bringing together teams of advisors in the transaction advisory and finance realms, in addition to its existing accounting, tax, and audit professionals.

The MRZ Website

MRZ’s new website, designed by inbound marketing agency Kuno Creative, shines a bright light on the firm’s service model and client service focus. First in the top site navigation is a page entitled “Why MRZ” that discusses firm values and commitments, from prompt communication to an obsession with delivering meaningful results. Strong promises are backed by dedicated client relationship managers and a large cadre of experienced advisors as presented on their team page.

The site’s services overview page features all affiliated companies in a navigable wheel highlighting their chief service offerings, including: attest, accounting, and tax for MRZ; financial guidance, wealth management, and retirement for MRZ Financial; and forensics, litigation support, and valuation for SKY Valuation.

According to the MRZ site, “Fully integrated services, or stand-alone solutions, MRZ has a delivery model to support your unique financial needs.”

The MRZ Affiliates: MRZ Financial and SKY Valuation

MRZ Financial launched its website,, in September. SKY Valuation launched shortly after.

MRZ Financial’s site highlights their values-focused financial planning approach, devoting a page to explain their unique process and the tools they use to enrich the client experience.

SKY Valuation’s site,, emphasizes the service approach once again, giving special mention to industry expertise and expert witness capabilities.

The look, function, and feel of both affiliate sites mimics that of MRZ’s, giving users a consistent experience across the family of companies.

About MRZ and its Affiliates

MRZ (MiddletonRaines+Zapata) is a certified public accounting firm headquartered in Houston, TX, with additional offices in Spring and Austin. The firm serves privately-held, middle market companies and individuals and places a premium on client experience. Affiliate MRZ Financial also headquarters out of Houston, while SKY Valuation offices out of Spring. All 3 organizations work in concert to deliver an integrated financial services experience. Fully integrated services, or stand-alone solutions, they have a delivery model to support clients’ unique financial needs. Visit their websites to learn more:;;