PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 4, 2017) -  Mobile Health, a cloud-based platform that improves total population health and well-being plus lowers healthcare costs, today announced its 2017 momentum. Fifty-nine new clients have chosen Mobile Health as the mobile-first Digital Health Engagement platform for their workforces.

Mobile Health's mobile-first digital health engagement platform delivers three major components:

  • Intelligent Employer HUB
  • Health Promotion - Total Wellbeing and Wellness
  • Healthcare Cost of Care Management

Mobile Health is 100 percent customizable with an employer's brand, as well as their unique population health, wellbeing, HR, communications and incentive strategies. The Mobile Health platform aggregates an employer's disparate healthcare data, allowing employers to better understand their workforces' health as well as segment targeted communications, education and health coaching in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Employees can access the platform from any device at any time, and receive data-driven health insights in a highly personalized experience with timely and relevant information pertaining to their needs.

With Mobile Health, employers have seen employee engagement increase more than 375 percent in the first few months on the platform and estimate longer-term savings in the millions. One Fortune 250 client anticipates over $40M in savings in project costs, thanks to Mobile Health.

Mobile Health founder and CEO John Halloran commented, "Mobile Health helps employees better understand the health services available to them and how to best optimize their chosen health plan. Plus, they can earn rewards for revisiting the platform to participate in social challenges, which maximizes employee engagement and accountability for their own wellbeing."

Able to be implemented in days not months, Mobile Health's solution has been selected by companies in the finance, technology, education, manufacturing, healthcare and aerospace industries. The company's solution is also deployed by the public sector. Aligned to the client's specific goals, Mobile Health measurably improves population health in areas such as improved adherence to evidence-based medicine, preventative screenings, lower emergency room claims and fewer in-patient days per 1,000. With Mobile Health's deep analytics and built-in algorithms, the platform creates accurate risk profiles for managing healthcare costs.

Halloran concluded, "In 2017, we've seen the rapid evolution of work and personal life being connected. Not only does Mobile Health help employees understand their healthcare benefits and participate in their own well-being, it enables their employers to provide them with personalized communications to ensure an employee experience similar to what they enjoy in their personal lives."

About Mobile Health
Founded in 2012, Mobile Health is a mobile-first Digital Health Engagement platform designed for health plans, employers and providers that want to stay connected to their members and drive better health outcomes through technology. Knowing that mobile technology will continue to play a dominant role in the transformation of healthcare to a more consumer-centric marketplace, Mobile Health promotes positive outcomes by personally guiding consumers through the complex healthcare system when they need it, on the devices they use every day. With Mobile Health, risks and costs can be better measured by health plans, employers and providers; workforces are healthier and more engaged; and safety and productivity increase. For more information about Mobile Health, visit