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Identify and Pursue Dream Jobs with Cutting-edge Consumer Application


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- randrr, a career insights platform built for people who value privacy and smarter choices, today announced its first-of-a-kind insights platform that empowers people to manage career goals and identify dream jobs without the influence of recruiters or companies. And it’s free.

Over the past year, randrr’s team of 30 software engineers, software architects, data scientists, UX designers, and product professionals combined their expertise, machine learning, artificial intelligence, leading-edge taxonomies, search engine techniques, and proprietary algorithms. The result is an unparalleled convergence of data around jobs, salaries, and career paths — all designed to help people find their dream jobs.

“For too long, technology has not served people in their pursuit to connect with companies and to have a transparent view into where they stand with companies,” said Terry Terhark, randrr founder and CEO. “randrr’s mission is to provide people with all the information they need to find the job and career of their dreams. We have worked tirelessly to build something that will solve longstanding problems in job search.”

Terhark, a well-respected veteran of the recruitment industry, set out to build a platform that allows people to take control of their career journey.

In May, the beta version of randrr was released to a small group and rigorously tested through several iterations over the course of the spring and summer of 2017.

The platform is unique — compared with job search technology today — in that it puts people in control of their own careers by giving them a powerful set of tools and resources. With randrr, people have the upper hand when pursuing their next job as well as plotting their long-term career goals.

“Users find only jobs that are relevant to them, instantly seeing their skill alignment to every job they discover,” Terhark said. “As people navigate the platform, they discover new paths to occupations and instantly know their marketability for those occupations. And randrr gives users relevant information about how companies hire. There’s no technology on the market today that even comes close to the power randrr puts in the hands of its users.”

randrr is the only career-finding application that values people over placements. Every employment product currently on the market is made to benefit the needs of companies over the needs of people. randrr believes that talent is the central value of the job market and people deserve more control over their own careers. randrr has developed tools to facilitate this transfer of power.

randrr’s set of career tools includes automated search for dream jobs, smart job searches, career path opportunities, salary comparison, company insights, and marketability.

Today, job search is ineffective and largely unpopular with people and companies alike because the available technology is not being utilized effectively. randrr’s mission is to be the most relevant, intuitive employment platform on the market.

About randrr
Great careers require good decisions. randrr (reinventing and revolutionizing recruiting) is the career insights platform everyone can use to make smart career choices. With randrr, all the information anyone needs to enhance their career is now in one place. Our platform helps people know their marketability, where they stand in the job search process, and protects their personal privacy. randrr even helps people discover jobs and career paths that lead to their dream jobs. randrr puts the information needs of people — not recruiters or companies — first.

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