Martin Lawrence Galleries invites you to an exceptional exhibition of Paintings by renowned French Canadian Contemporary Artist René Lalonde

Maui's Premier Art gallery offers new and original works as part of its Thanksgiving weekend Celebration

Maui, Hawaii, Oct. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

“ I once thought if I ever wrote a book on my life one day, I would want it to be entitled “The extraordinary story of an ordinary life.”-René Lalonde

Martin Lawrence Galleries (MLG) discovered the glory of Rene Lalonde at the New York Art Expo nearly 20 years ago, and has been proudly and exclusively showcasing it ever since . Blending the traditions of surrealism, cubism and fauvism, the art of Lalonde grabs viewers with both the emotional force of vivid and unusual color, and the simplicity of flattened out planes.  And along the way, it charges everyday life with extraordinary intensity. Lalonde's work inspires joy, and elicits collectors Comments like  “Your art brings a smile to my face” or “I wish I was there”. Two of his new works on exhibition, “You, Me and the Sun and “ Medusa Trees Forest”, directly  embody those emotions.  Lalonde is an artist who works with the vibrancy and intensity of color, yet somehow projects a sense of calm, serenity-an easygoing buoyancy-in his work. His use of house imagery intentionally conjures up coziness, warmth and the security we are all searching for in life.

“The primary goal for me is to create images with one idea in mind – To bring a sense of pleasure to the viewer, whether it is peace or joy or stillness”.-René Lalonde  

Rene Lalonde was born in Montreal in 1950 to a working class family, and bought his first serious sets of paints, brushes and canvases at age 12. As the 1960s unfolded, Lalonde was swept up in the excitement of rock and roll, the Beatles and the artistic movements that helped spawn the psychedelic revolution. His works “Joy Overflow” and “Calling All Stations” are influenced by his fauvist approach with color values and characteristics that are precise and descriptive.He attended the L’Ecole du Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal-a school attached to The Montréal Museum of Fine Arts-and discovered the Cubism of Picasso and the color and infused light of Parrish and Chagall. To date, his career includes over 175 solo exhibits worldwide.

Martin Lawrence Galleries in Lahaina, Maui offer seasoned collectors and first time buyers alike the finest collection of 20th and 21st century art from masters including Chagall, Picasso, Warhol, Erté, Kondakova, Hallam and many more. There is no other gallery in all of Hawaii that can boast the depth and breadth of MLG's collection.  The Lahaina seaside gallery located at 790 Front Street showcases the finest 20th and 21st century artists including Warhol, Picasso, Nicholls, Murakami, Miró, Mas, Kostabi, KOndakova, Hofmann, Haring, Hallam, Fressinier, Francis, Erté, Deyber, Dalí, Chagall, Bertho and others.

"Enjoy the Aloha Spirit with the modern and contemporary art collecting experience that only paradise can provide. Martin Lawrence Galleries on Front Street in Lahaina has been a treasured Maui landmark for over twenty-five years".-Gordon Cvetkovic, Gallery Director

Join Martin Lawrence Galleries on Maui for a memorable exhibition by contemporary artist René Lalonde showcasing fascinating new original works on Canvas. Celebrate Thanksgiving with joyful art of René Lalonde.




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René Lalonde, You, Me and the Sun, original work on canvas, 24x24 inches René Lalonde, Medusa Trees Forest, original work on canvas, 30x30 inches