Cleartronic (CLRI) Demonstrates Exciting New Technology for Energy Conversion

BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cleartronic, Inc. (OTCPINK:CLRI) announced the successful demonstration of converting heat energy into electricity using a nano-sized array of antennas.

 “In May of this year, we announced the signing of an ‘Exclusive License Agreement’ with a major university. The university filed a patent for a new technology based on nano-size rectifying antennas (rectennas) designed to capture heat/thermal radiation and generate DC electrical current. After working on the project for more than a year, rectennas appear to be a potential disruptive technology,” said Marc Moore, CEO of Cleartronic.

Moore continued, “In our initial test, we developed and successfully tested a single rectenna along with a series of seven rectennas in a parallel configuration.  This past week, we produced and tested our second chip which contains an array of over 8,000 rectennas. When exposed to a heat source, the chip produced electrical power that we were able to measure.  As heat increased, the output of electrical power increased. These tests validated the concept and our ability to convert thermal radiation, or heat, into electricity without the need for solar, electrical or any additional power source. This is a completely green solution for producing electricity.”

“This is exciting new technology. The potential applications are almost limitless including commercial, industrial, residential, healthcare and many other power uses.”

“We continue to research various rectenna configurations using different materials and multiple layers to increase power output and allowing us to decrease the physical size (area) required, depending on the application.  Our license agreement provides Cleartronic the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize this new technology.”

The ability to produce electricity from virtually any heat source allows for potential production and delivery of electrical power where power is not available or has been interrupted, and for improving the functionality of equipment such as cell phones, laptops, and healthcare devices.

About Cleartronic, Inc.

Cleartronic, Inc., a technology holding company, creates and acquires operating subsidiaries with the goal of manufacturing and selling products, services, and integrated systems to government agencies and business enterprises. In addition to its ongoing research and development projects, Cleartronic currently has two operating subsidiaries, ReadyOp Communications, Inc. and VoiceInterop, Inc. -

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