NewLAWu.s. Spins Off NewLAW Technologies; Announces NewLAW/OS Legal Platform

Move Comes Amidst Increasing Demand for Efficient and Cost-Effective Legal Services

TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 30, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NewLAWu.s., a national law firm that, through its innovation and technology, provides high quality legal services on greatly improved economics, today announced the launch of NewLAW Technologies and their first law firm platform: NewLAW/OS. This new independent company is enhancing and expanding its one-of-a-kind enterprise technology platform which NewLAWu.s. developed for its internal use to make it available to all newlaw firms.  This technology will provide efficiencies and cutting-edge application integration that will permit law firms to cut costs, increase revenues, provide greater value to their clients and position themselves to take advantage of new and evolving technological advancements. 

“Client demands for change in the cost, delivery and transparency of legal services have, for the most part, been unmet by law firms,” said Scott Henderson, founder and managing attorney of NewLAWu.s. and CEO of NewLAW Technologies. “In part, this is because law firms have lacked the innovative thinking and the integrated technology necessary to meet these demands.  NewLAW Technologies will provide this technology on a very cost-effective, per-seat monthly fee basis.”

The NewLAW/OS platform will cut costs, unlock revenues and increase the quality and value of services delivered to clients. “This cloud-based technology essentially connects the unconnected - people, processes and data - to drive new legal service delivery and value,” said Henderson. “By focusing on delivering value rather than managing technology and billings, success can be measured by client results.”

The issue is economically significant.  Traditional law firms are losing billions of dollars in market share because of their inability to meet their clients’ current demands.  Increases in in-house staffs and utilization of alternative law firm models (such as NewLAWu.s.) continue to erode law firm market share and truly disruptive innovations will only escalate that erosion.  Integrating Artificial Intelligence and enabling the Blockchain, NewLAW/OS is future-readied.

“Many believe that law is on the cusp of disruption that, to-date, has wiped out or hobbled existing companies in virtually every other industry,” said Henderson. “To survive this disruption, law firms will have to turn to technology.  We hope that our technology will prove to be an invaluable and irreplaceable tool in law firm efforts to survive this disruption.”

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NewLAWu.s. is a new, full-service national law firm comprising many of the nation’s best full-time and part-time lawyers who hail from the finest law schools in the country and boast experience garnered with some of the nation’s finest law firms and corporate legal departments.  By stripping away the economic burden of overhead and fixed salaries, NewLAWu.s can produce the highest quality work on very cost-effective bases for both corporate clients and other law firms.  For more information please visit

About NewLAW Technologies
NewLAW Technologies is a Legal IT Company developing a cloud-based IT platform called NewLAW/OS. Newly spun off from NewLAWu.s., NewLAW Technology will create and bring to market a fully integrated law firm platform which will provide firms with end-to-end integrated work flows, applications and leading edge innovation to bring law firms into the newlaw era and to meet the demands of today’s firms and clients. For more information please visit:

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