Sift Science Launches Digital Trust Platform™ – Holistic Approach Boosts Customer Loyalty and Retention

More than 6,000 Websites and Apps Trust Sift Science; Live Machine Learning™ Analyzes 5,000 Events per Second from Global Trust Network

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

San Francisco, CA, Nov. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sift Science, the leading provider of digital trust, today unveiled its Digital Trust Platform to ensure businesses maximize revenue opportunities with legitimate online users while protecting both the business and its customers from fraudulent and abusive activity. The Digital Trust Platform automatically and dynamically enhances digital interactions in real time based on individual risk scores.

“Fundamentally, we help our customers grow their digital business by drastically removing barriers introduced by fraudsters and cybercriminals,” said Jason Tan, Sift Science CEO. “With the number of data breaches happening today and fraudsters growing more technically savvy, businesses have reacted by building fortresses around their digital properties. Unfortunately, these extreme protective measures don’t always work and even worse, it drives legitimate, trustworthy customers away. Ultimately, companies build trust with their customers and stay competitive by making their experience as seamless and delightful as possible, all while protecting them from fraudulent attacks.”

The Sift Science Digital Trust Platform, powered by Live Machine Learning, extends beyond traditional chargeback prevention tools by providing a holistic solution that protects businesses from all vectors of fraud and abuse including payment fraud, account takeover, fake accounts, and abusive user-generated content. Now that the overall trustworthiness of online users can be determined accurately and in real time, businesses can enter new markets that were previously inaccessible due to security concerns, treat trusted users to positive digital experiences that drive conversion, and build highly valuable long-term relationships with trusted users across the globe.

Established global brands including Twitter, Airbnb, Yelp, Shutterstock, Twilio,, Indeed, Zillow and Wayfair trust Sift Science to reduce bottom-line costs and grow top-line revenue.

"Sift Science has always been a reliable partner,” said Alan Bernstein, Sr. Manager, Fraud Prevention & Payment Solutions at Shutterstock. “Now, their holistic Digital Trust Platform should add a layer of protection against multiple types of fraud and abuse. We’ve been working with Sift Science for three years as one of the solutions we use for stopping bad actors and building trust with customers."

Live Machine Learning, the foundational technology powering the Sift Science Digital Trust Platform, enables businesses to automatically adjust each user’s journey by predicting their intent in real time. The highly dynamic and scalable platform updates its machine learning models every time an action is taken by anyone, anywhere across the Sift Science global digital trust network. A combination of patent-pending technologies increase the efficacy of automated digital trust decision-making and create long-term competitive differentiation for customers.

Sift Science also announced today its Protected by Sift Science (TM) program allowing validated businesses to publicly display a badge promoting that they take trust and safety seriously and protect users through the adoption of advanced technology and industry insight. This program strengthens the digital trust network by connecting users with trustworthy businesses. Sift Science published its inaugural Digital Trust Index, which tracks and reports the global safety of the internet based on activity happening across the vast Sift Science digital trust network.

“The main goal is to enable simple, yet secure online experiences for customers, while making sure bad actors can’t create havoc,” said Bill Hodak, head of marketing, Sift Science. “Using advanced technology, combined with the sheer volume of events we process, Sift Science has created a platform to automatically and reliably establish trust in this not so trustworthy world of online transactions and engagement.”

About Sift Science
Sift Science is the leading provider of digital trust serving thousands of global websites and apps. Businesses depend on the Sift Science Digital Trust Platform to determine in real time which users they can trust across digital channels. Sift Science Live Machine Learning, global trust network, and automation technologies fuel business growth and power expansion into new markets while protecting businesses and their customers from all vectors of fraud and abuse. Launched in 2011, Sift Science is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @SiftScience.