CEO Kym Anthony Discusses 2017 Miles Stones and Product Developments

Ottawa, ONT , Nov. 13, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kym Anthony CEO of Avivagen, Inc. (“Company”) (TSX-V:VIV), (OTCPink:CHEXF) interviews with host Everett Jolly on the Uptick Network Stock Day Podcast. In the first half of the interview, Mr. Anthony discusses the ramping up of moving the Company from development to commercialization in the Philippians. He discusses the success anti-inflammatory effects of the OxC-Beta compound and the process of monetizing revenues from the Company’s products. Furthermore, Mr. Anthony briefly touches on the process of taking on additional major global feed suppliers to help expand the Company.

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About Avivagen
Avivagen Inc. is a life sciences corporation that has developed a scientifically-proven product for replacing antibiotics in livestock feeds and to otherwise benefit human and animal health. Avivagen is based in partnership facilities of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in Ottawa, Ontario and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. For more information, visit

About Vivamune™ Health Chews (Vivamune)
Vivamune is an all-in-one chew that can dramatically simplify a pet’s supplement routine. Featuring a newly-discovered, novel immune-supporting active ingredient: OxC-beta™ compound, Vivamune targets joints, skin and digestive health all in a single, tasty chew a pet will love. Vivamune is available for sale in the US. For more information, visit

About OxC-beta™ Technology (OxC-beta) 
OxC-beta, Avivagen’s proprietary formulation of fully oxidized β-carotene exhibits promising health benefits in animals and potentially humans. Laboratory studies and animal trials that have established the novel, underlying basis of OxC-beta’s immune function support have been reported in peer-reviewed scientific publications. 

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Source: Uptick Newswire