Zones of Economic Development (Zedes) for the generation of employment

In historical auction Lacthosa will generate 693 new jobs as part of the Zedes project, where National and international companies will offer 80,168 new jobs for Hondurans in Employment Zones

Tegucigalpa, HONDURAS, Nov. 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lacthosa, a 100% Honduran company, leader in Central America in production and distribution of dairy products, juices and soft drinks, joined the initiative promoted by the Government of Honduras that seeks to generate 60,000 new jobs in the first international auction for future Employment Zones.

Thanks to more than 30 companies, including Lacthosa, it was possible to surpass the goal with a record 80,168 job opportunities. This places Honduras as the first country in Latin America and the fifth in the world to adopt this massive job creation model.

"Lacthosa believes in our country and will continue to invest in it, we want to be part of its growth and development and as a company we are committed to generating 693 new jobs that will help boost the country's economy and offer opportunities to thousands of young Hondurans who are looking to demonstrate their abilities and talents. In order to generate these positions, we are working on an expansion plan for our plants with a strong investment in technology, "said Elena Kafie, Representative of Lacthosa.

Investment and development

The companies that are part of this initiative are: Lacthosa,  Dai Inc, Zede Central America, American International and Energy Transfer, Gildan, Air Solutions of Brazil, HonduCafé, Port Royal Honduras and Global Investment.

Also submitting their proposals were Don Jyu Group, Emco Group, Raptor Honduras, Food Wonder of Guatemala and New Way of Israel.  Through this new initiative, the proposals combined could create 80,168 new jobs.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez stated that "a job changes the life of a person, a community and a country; before, improving security was almost a dream and today we are the country that in a short amount of time has improved a lot in that aspect. Hondurans are showing that we can. "

Hernández explained that this is a leap to progress to bring to Honduras the best investment, business and employment practices for thousands of Hondurans.

"The purpose and our desire for these Employment Zones is for entrepreneurs and investors to realize that in Honduras the conditions are in place so that they can invest and generate employment," the president said.


 Areas of Employment

In Employment Zones, international financial, logistic or commercial centers, autonomous cities and special investment districts can be created. In addition, renewable energy districts, agroindustrial, tourism, mining and forestry territories, among others, can also be created.

The Employment Zones seek to turn Honduras into the development pole of the region, following the pattern that was studied in Asia and that has allowed several nations to become highly productive regions.

Honduras has first world infrastructure, an attractive legal framework with clear rules and macroeconomic stability that is endorsed by international organizations in order for the Empolyment Zones to be successful.


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A photo accompanying this announcement is available at


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