USAID/Southern Africa seeks Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Multiple vendors considered for this $60k - $10 million contract

Saint Petersburg, Florida, UNITED STATES

Johannesburg, South Africa, Dec. 01, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- USAID unveiled a solicitation that would result in multiple awards adding up to a potential $10 million. The contact aims to improve development outcomes and ensure accountability of USAID projects in the Southern African region. The response deadline for this opportunity is January 24, 2018.

USAID works in over 100 countries, but Southern African nations present some of the most extreme challenges to the agency’s goals. The nations south of DR Congo, from Angola to South Africa, experience some of the highest levels of income inequality, extreme poverty and HIV prevalence in the world.

This contract would strengthen, facilitate and support the agency’s MECLAK program. MECLAK is USAID’s strategy to analyze services and implement projects in order to accomplish their goals. Offerors may propose to provide any one or any combination of the following MECLACK services:

  1. Assuring proper allocation of resources, project compliancy and informed decisions
  2. Guiding the development of new project designs in a number of fields including: economic growth, agriculture and trade; environment; education and training; global health; democracy, conflict prevention and humanitarian assistance; and more.
  3. Increasing program effectiveness by adapting programs as circumstances change.
  4. Improving workflow, IT usage, and business procedures

Sub-contracting any of these tasks out is also permitted. The official Request for Proposal on the US Government’s Federal Business Opportunity website describes the program in detail.

Firms who wish to submit a proposal to USAID should follow the detailed instructions in the solicitation. USAID anticipates up to six awards to the best possible offers at a minimum initial award of $60,000. USAID is ready to continue awarding vendors up to $10 million throughout the period of performance.

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