Behind the scene of a startup - Malaysia Startup Festival 2017

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2017) - Startup -- it's a word that's been bandied about quite a lot recently. Maybe you've heard about a friend of a friend who quit their job and ventured into the mythical land of startups to forge a new brand of success. Perhaps you've seen a video about the latest tech startup, a young whiz kid who's conjured an app that fits into a niche nobody has even realized yet. You may even have read about some startups that overnight, have garnered enough interest to raise millions in capital.

At some point, you would have probably thought to yourself, "Hey! I had that same idea! Why didn't I do that? If only I had acted first, then maybe it would have been me in the news with all those accolades."

But the hard truth is, it really isn't as simple as that. Having an idea is merely the first step in the world of startups. Between the spark of an idea and obtaining success and recognition lies an immense gap that requires far more than just hard work and dedication. Questions like "How exactly can I get funding for my startup? What is the best way to pitch my idea to a venture capitalist? Where can I meet like-minded individuals to expand my network?" are just some of the issues that you may encounter along the way.

Nick Tan Yew Lun, Project Lead said: "We are building a platform to connect and collaborate with existing and aspiring startups and I'm ready to offer this platform and grow our business to the next level. I've been given a chance, now I'm ready to prove my worth."

These questions are essential in the journey to establishing a successful startup, and can only best be answered by people who are further down the same path, or have already met their goals. And that my dear ambitious reader, is where the Malaysia Startup Festival 2017 comes into play.

Over a two-day period from 21st to 22nd December 2017 at MapKL@Publika, Kuala Lumpur, this exhibition and conference aims to tackle some of the fundamental issues faced by those looking to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey.

Touch base with local founders such as Reza Razali from Slurp!, Jerry from GetDoc, Arthur Tan of WeStyleAsia, Marianne Chuo of honestbee, Ong Kooi Hooi from QuicKash, Mun Yee from MGAG and more to discover what it really means to be a part of a startup here and funding options available in Malaysia. You'll hear talks and stories like "From a Chef to Tech Entrepreneur", "The Inconvenience Truth of Startup", "Boostrapping your business to Series A", "What Do People Get Wrong About Startup These Days", "From a Project to Company - How to build something you have no prior knowledge of", What a VC looks for in a startup & what startup need to do to impress the VC", "Raising Business Funding Through P2P Financing Platform", and Artificial Intelligence: The Next Frontier For Your Business" and be given the chance to pitch and validate your ideas for some funding.

Trust us, you wouldn't want to miss this critical opportunity to learn, meet our local founders and finally realize your dreams. Free admission to the exhibition at WhiteBox, MapKL, while the cost for attending the conference is RM150.00 for 2 days. The conference registration fee must be pre-paid through conference website

Malaysia Startup Festival 2017 is an initiative and organised by HEXX Event with an objective to connect all layers of the Malaysia startup ecosystem, new and aspiring startups into one single festival. By breaking down barriers and improve access to talent, capital, networks, knowledge and markets.

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Malaysia Startup Festival Preview & Networking Evening at CO3 Social Office