LONDON, Dec. 06, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Scalable neuroinformatics world leader, EMOTIV, today announced the appointment of leading neuroscientist and strategist Olivier Oullier, PhD, as President (@oullier). He will lead the company’s new artificial intelligence research into cognition and emotion, as well as strategic development and partnerships. EMOTIV’s mobile brain sensors and cloud computing platform can monitor and analyze the detection of people’s cognitive functions in real-time and at scale. The company is partnering with Fortune 1000 companies, applying its advanced mobile neurotechnologies to improve operations, enhance customer experience and create personalized evidence-based strategies fed by behavioral and brain insights.

“Fortune 1000 companies in the health and wellness, automotive, consumer research, entertainment and learning industries already benefit greatly from personalized neuroscientific insights,” Olivier Oullier, President of Emotiv Ltd said. “EMOTIV is the first company able to scale neuroscientific data collection and analyses to thousands of individuals remotely. This disrupts consumer and corporate strategies by creating truly personalized smart experiences using machine learning applied to brain data. The better public and private organizations can leverage neuroscience to understand the behavior of staff, customers and patients, the easier it is to meet their needs and improve their lives.”

In his previous role, Oullier was Global Head of Strategy in Health and Healthcare and Member of the Executive Committee of the World Economic Forum (Davos). He led an international public-private partnership to measure performance outcomes of health systems and improve delivery of value-based care. At EMOTIV, building on nearly 20 years of experience in neuroscientific research on perception, decision making and consumer behavior, Olivier will lead artificial intelligence research on cognition and emotions, strategic development and partnerships to grow revenue.

“We are thrilled to have a President join our global group with the caliber and capabilities of Olivier Oullier,” said Tan Le, CEO of EMOTIV. “EMOTIV is on a mission not only to better understand the human brain but to provide access to brain health for all. Our mobile neurotechnology and analytics are already used to improve healthcare outcomes, accelerate personalized learning, increase car safety and employee performance. Olivier’s leadership and unique track record in scientific research, business and policy making will allow EMOTIV to move to the next level.”

As part of its strategic growth, EMOTIV has also expanded its team of cloud, machine and deep learning experts to improve its detection algorithms of brain dynamics and cognitive functions. Its neuroscientific data repository - the largest amount of brain data collected outside medical facilities - is fed by more than 80,000 owners of the company’s mobile brain sensors in almost 120 countries.

Olivier’s expertise in neuroscience includes a full professorship of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at Aix-Marseille University, the (co-)authorship of more than 200 scientific, medical, law, ethics, business and mainstream publications, and regulatory experience at the national and european levels, including a leading role in revising France’s bioethics laws. Globally respected as a leading expert on healthcare and behavior change, he has developed a methodology to measure the gap between consumers’ and patients’ intentions (what people say or think they should do) and actions (what they actually do in real life): key information that limited declarative methods such as self-reports, interviews, questionnaires and focus groups cannot provide. He chronicles many of these findings in the media including in his Fortune Magazine column entitled “This is your brain on business.”

Prior to his position at the World Economic Forum, Olivier directed the Neuroscience and Public Policy Program at the French Prime Minister’s Center for Strategic Analyses. He currently sits on France’s Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology (OPECST).

Olivier studied at the Universities of the Mediterranean, Cincinnati, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

A father of two, he is a judo black belt, and an internationally acclaimed DJ and electronic artist under the stage name of Jacques Lavoisier.

EMOTIV is the leading mobile neuroinformatics company advancing the understanding of the human brain. Using its advanced range of brain sensors, EMOTIV has curated the world’s largest repository of electroencephalographic (EEG) measurements collected outside medical facilities with representative samples across all geographies and demographics. This allows organizations and researchers to gain accurate insights into the cognitive and emotional states of people in real-time. EMOTIV’s analytics can be used to improve performance and power new services in health and wellness, automotive, consumer research, learning and entertainment industries.

EMOTIV has developed unique machine learning algorithms allowing the user to track cognitive performance, detect facial expressions and control both virtual and physical objects via trained mental detections and commands.

EMOTIV is the global leader in the field of scalable neuroinformatics in terms of innovation, technology, mobile brain sensors owners and support from the scientific community. Its neurotechnology is currently being contributed by 80,000+ owners of its mobile brain sensors in almost 120 countries. It has been validated and included in over 4,000 publications. EMOTIV is headquartered in San Francisco, U.S.A. with operations in London, Atlanta, Sydney, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Further details can be found at

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