dataxu Solves TV Attribution

OneView DMP enables first-ever OTT attribution solution

BOSTON, Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- dataxu®, a leading software provider for marketing professionals, today announced an attribution solution for over-the-top (OTT) TV devices, including the results of several customer case studies proving the power of TV attribution.

Using OneView™, dataxu’s cross-device DMP, dataxu has connected the dots between people and their TVs. Now agencies and their advertiser clients can tie TV investment to specific business outcomes, including digital and in-store purchase behavior.

American Signature Inc (ASI), a regional furniture retailer with 125 stores across 19 states, used dataxu’s software to extend its traditional TV reach to OTT viewers who are no longer watching linear TV. ASI was able to attribute OTT ad exposure to online sales, showing 5x return on ad spend. Specific transactions, SKUs and order values were tied to individual impressions to prove ROI.

“When it comes to attribution, matching sales back to our marketing campaigns running on OTT inventory has been really exciting,” said Steve Haffer, Chief Information Officer, ASI. “We hit the mark in 2017 by tying OTT exposure to online sales. And, because we’re an industry that depends on in-store visits, we plan to expand our partnership with dataxu to track offline sales attributed to OTT investments as well. The ability to have true, closed loop measurement from TV exposure is a 2018 game changer.”

The key to dataxu’s TV attribution solution is the OneView device graph, which uses device IDs rather than the more commonly used IP address to connect people to streaming TV ads. The benefits of this advanced technology include:

  • Greater audience scale: dataxu can associate OTT impressions with an audience across devices, in or outside of the home, whether viewing video via TV, Wi-Fi or the mobile network. In contrast, IP-based solutions miss much of this traffic.
  • More accurate attribution: dataxu captures all viewing activity across these modes.  IP-based solutions fail to count impressions outside of the home and on other networks.
  • True frequency control: OneView controls frequency whether the viewer is at home on their couch watching OTT, or enjoying their favorite episode on the go. OneView can also frequency cap at a campaign level, allowing for more flexibility in campaign setup to maximize frequency goals without compromising the experience for the consumer.

Additional results from other campaigns across various customer objectives that have been successfully attributed back to OTT exposure include:

  • A home health provider: Saw a 45% improvement in cost-per-sale
  • A streaming music service: Achieved a 30% increase in mobile app downloads
  • A sportswear company: Delivered a 36% lift in digital engagement

“OTT attribution has been a challenge for the industry,” said Tore Tellefsen, VP of TV Solutions, dataxu. “We’re proud to say that we’ve built the most robust cross-device graph in market and are using it to successfully attribute OTT investment. What’s even more exciting is that we are seeing customers now use the insights to optimize TV campaigns on a daily basis. No hoops to jump through; just proven technology with the results to back it up.”

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