Mattersight Issued Four New Patents Signaling the Future of Analytics

Patents Cover Personality-Based Chatbot Communication, In-Store Customer Analysis & Fraud ID

CHICAGO, Jan. 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mattersight Corporation (NASDAQ:MATR), the pioneer in personality-based software applications, announced today that the USPTO recently granted four new patents to Mattersight, giving the company a total of 45 U.S. patents at the end of 2017. These latest inventions represent Mattersight’s vision for the future and the company’s continuing commitment to innovation.

Chatbot Communication
Personality-based Chatbot and methods is an invention for a digital assistant, such as Siri, Alexa or Google Home, that will tailor its interactions with users based on their personalities. The chatbot will measure the distress in the user’s language, and determine if the distress increases or decreases based on the responses provided by the assistant. By leveraging real-time linguistic analysis, this chatbot prioritizes its next output based on the user’s personality type and previous distress responses, enabling it to execute its user’s instructions and intentions more intelligently. The invention also applies to customer service chatbots that could start to replace contact center agents and other forms of self-service.

Face-to-Face Analysis
An area of speech analytics often overlooked is the analysis of in-person interactions in public spaces, like a store or bank. This invention of the Face-to-face communication analysis via mono recording system and methods will be able to predict the customer’s personality type just as Mattersight currently predicts personality types for callers into contact centers.

Fraud Detection x2
As speech becomes the preferred method for interaction for machines, voice identity security will become even more important. Two new patents, both titled Methods and Apparatus for Identifying Fraudulent Callers, cover new and more efficient ways of determining if an unknown speaker is a known fraudster. By leveraging biometrics and analyzing the speaker’s voiceprint, the invention instantly cross-references the speaker’s most distinctive features with a database containing the voiceprints of known fraudsters – similar to a blacklist. This invention is able to more easily identify calls placed by known fraudsters.

“We’re really excited about all four of these patents and what they represent for the future of our products,” said Mattersight CTO Chris Danson, who is an inventor on all four patents. “We’re constantly looking at new technologies that can further our mission to use analytics to create stellar customer experiences. These patents are clear evidence that we continue to evolve our products and expertise in understanding personality and leveraging it for better experiences across all interactions, including over-the-phone, face-to-face, human-to-human, and human-to-robot interactions.”

Leading Fortune 500 organizations use Mattersight’s suite of personality-based software applications to improve customer experience in their contact centers. Using a NASA-developed personality model and speech recognition algorithms that mine data from over one billion customer service calls, Mattersight is able to analyze a customer's personality and behavior traits in seconds and pair them with an agent they are most likely to have chemistry with.

About Mattersight
Mattersight unleashes the power of personality to improve every interaction with every customer every time. With tools to learn, analyze, and predict customer behavior based on customer conversations, Mattersight helps brands create chemistry with their customers through shorter, more satisfying conversations that increase loyalty. To learn how Mattersight can help you click better with your customers visit  

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