WealthIntel Inc. Files Form D with the Securities Exchange Commission

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 16, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- WealthIntel Inc. filed its Form D Exemption with the SEC in connection with its phased fundraising of $20,000,000 via Private Placement Offerings.

According to the filing the Shares will be offered and sold only to investors who qualify as “accredited investors,” as that term is defined in Rule 501 and Rule 506 (a) promulgated under the Securities Act, and who meet other suitability standards or to non-U.S. Persons in an Offshore Transaction as such terms are defined in Regulation S under the Securities Act.

The Funds will be raised in stages during the next 30 months through different pricing, closings, and rounds of financing to develop, test and launch in the USA, the  Intelligent System/Method of Payment Finance and Social Commerce branded W$T (pronounced Wit) also known as WitPay, proprietary to WealthIntel.

“The Company anticipates to file more Form Ds to potentially amend or register new Exemptions,” said George Bristol CFO of WealthIntel, Inc.

“Our strategy aims to keep the Private Offering outstanding indefinitely while growing value during development and price our shares accordingly to avoid unnecessary funding and dilution for early investors,” explained Fabrizio Boccardi CEO of WealthIntel, Inc.

Entrepeneur Fabrizio Boccardi described  W$T as a visionary and formidable System meant for  the public at large, aiming to change how money is used and why. 

The Company is currently pursuing a development strategy of engagement and partnership with innovative technology companies in the USA and offshore which include coding, licensing, and architecting, different types of technologies and methodologies for its ambitious payment and finance Method which aims to provide disruptive innovation and services to the public, not available in the market.

Investment firm Legion Capital America, LLC, managed by Investor Fabrizio Boccardi, is providing capital to WealthIntel in the form of a convertible loan.

About WealthIntel, Inc.

WealthIntel, Inc. is a United States development stage technology company that designs and develops software and sells consumer products and services in the payment, finance, banking, e-commerce and m-commerce sectors.