Bay Dynamics Wins Government Security News Award for Best User & Entity Behavior Analytics

Millbrae, California, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Jan. 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bay Dynamics, a leader in cyber risk analytics, has won the 2017 Government Security News Homeland Security Platinum Award for Best User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).

Bay Dynamics’ flagship cyber risk analytics software, Risk Fabric,® uses algorithm-based UEBA to detect and mitigate the four flavors of insider threats - malicious insiders who purposefully aim to cause harm, non-malicious insiders who do not realize their actions are elevating risk, repeat offenders whose actions continuously elevate risk, and compromised credentials that provide attackers with undetected access. Risk Fabric detects and analyzes abnormal user behavior, and prioritizes which users need immediate investigation. The platform uniquely prioritizes users based on a combination of mission impact, asset value and associated vulnerabilities. Risk Fabric collects and analyzes actual telemetry data from agencies’ and enterprises’ environments.

To help reduce false positives, Risk Fabric engages line-of-business application owners who manage the individual applications under attack, asking them to qualify if the behavior was business justified, before the alert is sent to Security Operations Centers. The qualification enables users to do their jobs uninhibited because when the behavior is deemed business justified, it is white-listed and not flagged again.

In July 2017, Bay Dynamics announced a new UEBA technology partnership with Symantec Corporation that is enabling enterprises and government agencies to more efficiently and effectively detect, quantify, and prioritize insider threats and outside risks.

The Government Security News Homeland Security Award winners represent the best companies that serve the needs of government agencies. Judging in the cyber security products and solutions category is based on a combination of client organization, technological innovation or improvement, filling a recognized government IT security need and flexibility of a solution to meet current and future organizational needs. Platinum is the highest level award a nominee can receive.

The Government Security News Homeland Security Award is the sixth award Bay Dynamics has won in 2017. Others include:

  • CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award for User Behavior Analytics Security Solution Provider of the Year
  • Comcast Corporation, a Bay Dynamics customer, won three awards, one being a CSO50, for its Cyber Value at Risk project powered by Bay Dynamics’
  • 2017 Cyber Defense Magazine award for Most Innovative Risk Management Solution.

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About Bay Dynamics
Bay Dynamics® enables organizations to quantify the business impact of cyber risk from both insider and outsider attacks.  Using UEBA technology and dynamic telemetry from security and IT infrastructure, our Risk Fabric® cyber analytics platform calculates the value at risk associated with specific threats and vulnerabilities, and prescribes prioritized actions across the organization to reduce the risks that matter most.

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